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Reverse Trick or Treating in Calgary!!

So, last year I found out about Reverse Trick or Treating way too late in the game and wasn’t able to sign up to participate. This year I made sure I was able to be a part of this awesome initiative. What is Reverse Trick or Treating? “Thousands of groups of Trick-or-Treaters in the United States and Canada will unite to help: END poverty among cocoa farmers END forced/abusive child labor in the cocoa industry PROTECT the environment PROMOTE Fair Trade How? By distributing Fair Trade chocolate to adults, attached to a card explaining these problems in the cocoa industry and how Fair Trade presents a solution. KIDS IN COCOA GROWING COMMUNITIES NEED YOUR HELP! Your participation getting our important message out through Reverse Trick-or-Treating this year is very important to ending child and forced labor and raising awareness of Fair Trade!” I will be meeting up with participants all week to drop off their Reverse Trick or Treating chocolate packages. If you would like to join Wean Green’s Reverse Trick or Treating team shoot me off an email, melissa@weangreen.com and I will meet up with you before Friday! We only have a limited supply so if you are interested in participating please let me know as soon as you can! Thanks so much everyone!!

Reverse Trick or Treating

I will fully admit as a chocoholic I absolutely love Halloween, but really what a strange tradition!  We send our kids (who are trained not to take anything from strangers especially candy) door to door to a million houses to fill their bags with enough candy to induce a coma.  Strange, strange strange. I stumbled across Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Cocoa Campaign in search for something to make Halloween a bit more meaningful for my weaners.  I am so excited to introduce this concept to as many people as I can.  Your weaners will be given some fair trade chocolate with a card educating eaters of how to: end poverty among cocoa farmers, end forced/abusive child labour in the cocoa industry, promote fair trade, and protect the environment.  Really, what a great twist (and marketing tool!). Sign up before October 13th! https://salsa.democracyinaction.org/o/703/t/9669/shop/custom.jsp?donate_page_KEY=5154