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2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season! Our favourite season for sharing our favourite recipes and DIY gift ideas.

Popcorn Cake

Recipe Popcorn Cake Wean Green’s own, Patty, uses her famous Popcorn Cake to win over the hearts of everyone in the office!

Marshmallow Snowmen Stirrers

Marshmallow Snowmen Stirrers Hot chocolate will never be the same. These tasty marshmallow candy cane stir sticks are a perfect addition to your hot chocolate on a cold day.

Festive Layer Dip

Festive Layer Dip Adding a mix of green & red pepper will bring the holiday season to your table. A great appie for any holiday event.

Tree Brownies

A fun activity for kids to get into the holiday spirit.

Strawberry Santa Hats

These easy, adorable Santa hats are a great snack for a holiday party. No sugar crash from these.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide & GIVEAWAY

Wean Green’s annual holiday gift guide is here and we hope you love it!! This year, we were focussing on quick and easy ideas for holiday parties.

Fingerprint Ornaments

Lavender & Peppermint Bath Salts

Mocha Cocoa

Loose Leaf Tea Kit

Reindeer Dust

  We sprinkle dust on the lawn at night So the moon will make it sparkle bright It’ll show the reindeers where to go From teh night sky they’ll see it glow The dust will guide them to our home As Santa’s reindeer fly and roam. We’ll go to bed like good girls and boys And see if Santa brings some toys Print Recipe Reindeer Dust Course Craft Servings Ingredients 2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats1/2 cup glitterribbonpaper & pen Course Craft Servings Ingredients 2 cup old-fashioned rolled oats1/2 cup glitterribbonpaper & pen Instructions Pour oats into a big bowl and add glitter. Stir until all mixed together. Separate mixture into wean cube for each child. Add poem to recite while sprinkling dust. Click the link at the bottom of the page to see the poem. 1 Wean Cube per child Recipe Notes poem

Chocolate Face Mask

Sock Snowman

Popsicle Christmas Trees

Homemade Lotion

Happy Holidays

We have been super busy building snowmen and eating cookies! I can’t wait to share some news, recipes and cool products next week! I will be in touch soon! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday too!!