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2017 Holiday Gift Guide & GIVEAWAY

Wean Green’s annual holiday gift guide is here and we hope you love it!! This year, we were focussing on quick and easy ideas for holiday parties.

Hello domestic goddess, goodbye store-bought bread

I’m feeling a bit smug. The smell of freshly baked homemade bread is wafting through my house. It’s the third batch this week and my family is not tiring of it… and neither am I tiring of making it. Forget about needing a bread maker, forget about labourious kneading. The secret is in the preparation and the preparation is, well, easy. Really, really easy. The recipe comes curtesy of the wonderful Chef at Home, Michael Smith. No Knead Bread – a beautiful bread recipe that requires no kneading. It is truely amazing. Just four simple ingredients (flour, yeast, salt and water) in a bowl, quick stir, leave overnight, gather into a ball, leave a little longer, then bake. The result is picture perfect crusty bread requiring all of about 5 minutes effort from you. Here is the recipe: http://chefmichaelsmith.com/Recipe/country-bread-city-bread/ There are lots of yummy variations on the basic recipe, like whole wheat and multigrain or you can get a bit creative and start throwing in combos like garlic powder and dried rosemary or sun-dried tomato and basil. And if a bread recipe that requires so little effort doesn’t convince you to whip up a batch for your family, then take a quick peek at the list of ingredients in a loaf of bread from the store. There are way more than four, that’s for sure.