Reverse Trick or Treating

I will fully admit as a chocoholic I absolutely love Halloween, but really what a strange tradition!  We send our kids (who are trained not to take anything from strangers especially candy) door to door to a million houses to fill their bags with enough candy to induce a coma.  Strange, strange strange.

I stumbled across Global Exchange’s Fair Trade Cocoa Campaign in search for something to make Halloween a bit more meaningful for my weaners.  I am so excited to introduce this concept to as many people as I can.  Your weaners will be given some fair trade chocolate with a card educating eaters of how to: end poverty among cocoa farmers, end forced/abusive child labour in the cocoa industry, promote fair trade, and protect the environment.  Really, what a great twist (and marketing tool!).

Sign up before October 13th!

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