Helpful List of Commercial Baby Food Jars that Do & Do Not Contain BPA in the Lid

Melissa, March 8, 2010

We all know that making our own baby food is the healthiest option there is.  That doesn’t mean that if you are in a bind you can not substitute with a commercial baby food.  Before you do this, check out this survey that was done by Health Canada to determine BPA amounts in the lids of commercially packaged baby food.  They have a table that outlines some popular choices and indicates the BPA levels in them.  Super fantastic! Survey of Bisphenol A in Baby Food Products Prepackaged in Glass Jars with Metal Lids

SEM-The Next BPA?

Melissa, March 6, 2010

We all know that BPA is not the only chemical that we must worry about contaminating our weaner’s foods.  Reports are saying that there are up to 40 chemicals that are leaching into our foods from packaging that may have harmful effects on our health.  Here is an example of just one more.  Semicarbazide aka SEM is yet another cancer causing chemical that can be found sneaking its way into baby food.  Check out this article from BBC to find out more:

Flavor of the Week-Safe Sippy

Melissa, February 22, 2010

This week Safe Sippy is taking center stage! And for all of you who already have one I am sure you know why!  As we read about the plastic water bottles taking over our landfills (and oceansL) and the BPA found in plastics I have to question why there are not more Safe Sippy’s out there! Here is a stainless steel sippy cup designed with our weaners health in mind!  Get more information and find out where to buy on Kid-Basix website:

KISS Your Kids!

Melissa, February 17, 2010

I was doing some research on the benefits of snuggling our weaners when I stumbled across this.  They provide you with a downloadable kit to store your weaners pictures and information so that if you ever need to get their information to the authorities and media you don’t have to waste valuable time searching for recent photos and racking your panicked brain trying to remember little identifiers your weaner has, like a scar above their right eye. I have already downloaded mine and created the files for both my weaners. I have their fingertips on file as well but this system is instantaneous when you would need it the most! My heart breaks for anyone who has ever been in this situation. To read more go to KISS Kids Identification Safety Software!

Flavor of the Week- G Diapers

Melissa, February 15, 2010

G-Diapers- You knew this one was coming didn’t you?  What a great idea.  I am not a laundering mama, therefore the thought of using cloth diapers really scares me!  The G-Diapers take away this fear while still providing me with a better alternative than disposable diapers. These diapers have a disposable liner BUT WAIT! The liner can also be flushed or composted, Hooray!  You can also get cloth liners. I did take these on as well and don’t worry there is nothing to fear here! The outer layer “little G pants” are adorable!  There are tons of cool colors and designs to choose from. I am not a scientist but I can tell you from experience that when my weaner is wearing these she does not get a diaper rash!  When she wore the regular disposable diapers she was very prone to diaper rash.  Hmmmmmmm… Check them out for yourselves at:

Apples, Moses, and Goop

Melissa, February 3, 2010

As I research women’s health I often wonder how many people get lost in the worlds of dieting, cleansing and fad exercise programs.  There is so much out there.  I have always told anyone that was willing to listen that my goals are to eat well and not beat myself up over treats, sleep well when the weaners are not screaming through the night, and exercise regularly.  Plain and simple.  For this reason I share this link They speak of the simpleness of taking care of ourselves and offer some great tips for everyone!  Sign up for their newsletter while you are there, I promise it is good reading!!

Commercial Baby Food Containers Can Contain BPA too!

Melissa, January 27, 2010

As I read about all the baby products and food items that contain BPA I am just more reassured that making my own baby food is the best way to go! It turns out even the glass commercial baby food jars can contain BPA (normally in the lids). The Globe and Mail article: The Soft Landing Blog

Reducing BPA Exposure: The FDA Finally Concerned | Dr

Melissa, January 21, 2010

We know that it is nearly impossible to ensure our weaners are not exposed to any BPA but we can reduce their exposure! Check out Dr. Greene’s article via Reducing BPA Exposure: The FDA Finally Concerned | Dr

Canada Bans BPA from Baby Bottles

Melissa, October 16, 2009

Banning BPA from baby bottles is a large step in the right direction!  What is the right direction? To get rid of BPA from all baby products. For those of you who have ignored the countless BPA messages lately, BPA is a chemical that messes with the estrogen levels in our bodies.  While anything that is going to alter our hormones is probably not such a good thing, they have proven that babies are the most affected by this chemical.  The hormone altering chemical has been associated with various cancers and health problems. Baby’s main sensory stimulation seems to come from their mouths, so when they pop that plastic toy in their mouth for hours of entertainment how sure are we that BPA is not still leaching into their tiny little systems.  Unfortunately, the test results are still not clear and without good solid proof we are not going to see another ban.  The good news is that the Canadian government has allocated an additional $1.7 million to research these effects over the next three years. Wouldn’t it be great to have regulation to ban hormone altering chemicals from not only the baby products but from all products that have the potential to enter our systems? Read more about Canada’s BPA ban on Health Canada’s web site.

Team Wean Green Runs for the Cure!

Melissa, October 5, 2009

On October 4th, the Weaners and Co. tied up their laces to hit the pavement in the name of raising funds for breast cancer research, education and awareness programs.  We would like to thank Mother Nature for dumping all the snow she possible could in the two hours we were out on that Sunday morning! We would also like to thank our sponsors and runners who had huge smiles the entire run!  We look forward to doing it again next year.  If you are interested in joining our 2010 team you can pre-register at  The website will go live in February 2010.

The Eco-Friendly Birthday

Melissa, September 25, 2009

Can you believe my youngest weaner turned 1!  In true wean green fashion we partied down, eco style. Here is how I went green: Party Invitations Printed invitations, really? Not me. I used, one of the many electronic invitation sites on the internet.  Huge thanks to Tiny Tillia  who has some adorable, stylish, designer invitations on (here is the one I used). PRO: PAPERLESS! (Also so cute) CON: I didn’t have all the little weaners email addresses. SOLUTIONS: Good old fashioned telephone (confession: and facebook). Party Games I hosted the party at the park so the kids did not need much entertaining!  They ran through the sprinklers, played on the swings and went down slides.  There was no abusing that poor old donkey at this party. PRO: Physical activity for kids, need we say more? CON: Well if you don’t want your kids to sleep really good at night you may not like this idea Decorations I decided against a lot of decorations.  I sewed a tablecloth that can be reused for all the weaner’s birthday parties to come.  Other than that I did not see a need for anything else.  If you do decide to go down the decoration road some green options are to choose things that can be re-used for many years and if you absolutely must use balloons please make sure you use 100% latex! PRO: I didn’t have a garbage bag full of plastic Dora decorations. CON: I sewed.  It was interesting. SOLUTION: If you don’t want to make your own decorations check out Green Planet Parties. Good Organic Birthday Eats Organic. Organic. Organic.  I was able to buy most of my ingredients for the cake, snacks, drinks and wraps at our local organic food store.  I made my own cake, (side note: it is so nice to know how much sugar is in the cake your kids are eating!  I am sure the last store bought cake we ate had at least 5 times the sugar it actually needed!) PRO: Homemade baby/big people food. CON: It takes a bit more time to throw this all together. SOLUTION: I put the oldest weaner to work with me the day before to make sure I didn’t have anything left to prepare on the day of the party. Plates/Cups/Utensils It makes my stomach turn at every party to see all the useless waste and cost from one time use plates and cups.  I brought the plates, cups and utensils from home. PRO: No waste. CON: The clean up and you may not have enough plates. SOLUTION: Dishwasher (mine is about 6 feet tall, my kids call him Dad). If you are worried about not having enough plates and cups ask your guest to each bring one from home. Birthday Crafts We painted some potters, added in the soil and planted some ivy.  (I have to give a shout out to my husband’s best friend, Kyle, for this one). PROS: The lifespan of a planter. it […]

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