Wean Team’s Token Daddy Blogger

Melissa, November 8, 2011

Every blog needs one. The honest, unedited rantings of a daddy blogger. Kevin is a self declared urban farmer with roots in the Peace Country in Northern Alberta and now hails with the Wean Green mama and their two weaners in Calgary. His quirky type ‘E’ (engineer) personality keeps everyone in anticipation. Normally we don’t encourage his mumblings but since his last blog, Eat More Dirt, brought in nearly double the readers we decided to give him the floor every once in a while. This should be interesting….

Wean Team’s Eco Expert

Melissa, November 8, 2011

Whether you live in Toronto or Vancouver chances are you have seen Lisa Borden’s articles in Huffington Post or flipped through her communications companies amazing gift guides with the best eco gifts! We are so excited to introduce the one and only Lisa Borden, our new Wean Team Eco Expert! Lisa Borden, owner of Borden Communications, takes a unique approach to holistically marketing eco-intelligent living and working. Some of her favourite titles (from a long list) include: Catalyst for Change, Enthusiastic Philanthropist, Inspiration Agent, Strategist + Catalyst, Mother of 3 and Wannabe Organic Farmer.  You can follow her on twitter @LisaBorden or learn more about her and her business at www.bordencom.com

Wean Team’s Life Coach & Personal Trainer

Melissa, November 4, 2011

Stevie is a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and all around Whole Life enthusiast!  She scoffs in the face of societies ‘ideal body image’ and guides women through a journey that leaves them healthy, confident and jazzed about their lives!  Stevie’s love of leading others in fitness began while volunteering at her local YMCA teaching step classes.  This passion led to many certifications including one of her favorites- Stott Pilates and of course Personal Training Specialist.  The knowledge she has gained from CTI- Coaches Training Institute has inspired her as she continues the path to a fully certified Life Coach. Women both locally and long-distance have participated in Stevie’s ‘Body Bliss Coaching’ and those a little closer see her for some fitness face-time!  “I get to watch women as they quiet their inner mean girl, embrace a positive holistic lifestyle, all while shedding the padding that they feel is holding them back.  Seriously, for me it just doesn’t get any better than this.” Stevie believes that a holistic, healthy life includes decreasing toxins to our bodies and our environment.  If you peeked in her bag you would see a cube of protein powder, a cube of almonds and a cube of dates!  Always on the go with a great husband, three sweet girls and two crazy dogs, she spends her time living her dream life and building ideas to get people to theirs.

Wean Team’s Baby Food Super Mama

Melissa, November 4, 2011

Jennifer House MSc, RD I am a Registered Dietitian and mom of two. With my help, moms-to-be and parent are able to nourish their growing family with confidence! Through personal nutrition consultations, meal plans, grocery tours, e-courses and group classes, my clients learn how to make nutritious food choices, and how to meal times more peaceful. Why are you excited to be a part of the Wean Green team? I love Wean Green products because they are environmentally friendly, stylish, and encourage parents to make their own food for babies, and bring along healthy home-prepared snacks when on the go. I am excited to be included in the diverse Wean Team expert panel to share ideas and have dialogue with parents about raising a healthy family in today’s world.

Wean Teams Expert Foodie

Melissa, November 3, 2011

We are so excited to have Marni on our blog expert team! We asked her to introduce herself and let us know whey she is excited about Wean Green. Here is her response: Hi, I’m Marni Wasserman, a Culinary Nutritionist in Toronto. I am holistic nutritionist and natural chef with a strong passion for healthy eating and healthy living! I am the owner of Fully Nourished where I teach cooking classes, do private consultations, conduct workshops, write articles, ebooks and so on. My focus is stemmed around whole plant based foods, nothing processed, nothing refined! I am dedicated to showing people that everyday eating can be simple, delicious and fun! I am thrilled to be part of the Wean Green team, because I love to make food and I need containers to store it in. Since I advocate wellness and natural living, these products fit completely within my values. I love that I will get the chance to show people just how clean, simple and cute these products are and to get rid of their plastic! From dressings, to sauces, dips and other goodies – I will have a chance to feature some of my latest recipes being stored in these fabulous containers.

Wean Team’s Holistic Nutritionist

Melissa, November 2, 2011

Kim is a practicing Certified Nutritional Practitioner, graduating from The Institute of Holistic Nutrition with First Class Honours. As a proud professional member of the International Organization of Nutritional Consultants she has earned the designations of Registered Nutritional Consulting Practitioner and Registered Orthomolecular Health Practitioner. Her practice, Your Green Baby, is a place for mom, baby and toddler. She assists you with preconception care, pregnancy nutritional needs, pregnancy issues and postnatal care. Kim’s pediatric nutrition services will help guide you to optimize your baby’s health and wellness, setting them up for good health and well being now and later in life. Kim has made guest appearances on Rogers Daytime, she is a regular contributor to Lakeridge Kids Magazine and she writes for blogs in Canada, the US and the UK.   Just recently, Kim completed writing her first book, Raising Happy Healthy Babies, which covers nutrition preconception through to toddlerhood with 95 recipes of mom, baby and toddler. As a holistic nutritionist, she is dedicated to inspiring and motivating moms and dads to make informed decisions regarding their child’s health and wellness through one-on-one consultations, workshops and cooking classes. She is a first time mom with a passion for health, wellness, real food and cooking and I love combining these passions to help moms and dads raise happy healthy babies. As a mom, she is passionate about raising her son as environmentally friendly as she possibly can, and Wean Green helps her do just that. “Being a part of the Wean Team Expert Panel is a wonderful opportunity for me to reach out and support other moms and dads as they too try to raise their children in a more “green” way. I hope to inspire, motivate and encourage Wean Green readers to make positive changes towards a healthier, happier, more environmentally friendly life” says Kim.  

We put the ‘Green’ in Wean Green!

Melissa, October 26, 2011

In September I had the honor of writing an article for the Globe & Mail referencing the top 10 tips for building an environmentally sustainable small business. I have been very proud how we have managed to run our company with the environment always being upfront and center in our decisions. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article make sure you swing over to the Globe & Mail. Here are some easy ways we keep the green in wean green! 1. We strongly discourage printing! We like to do all of our communication online and ask the companies that we work with to allow us to ship without the paper packing slip and invoices. When we do print we use 3 paper options: elephant poo paper, plantable paper or just recycled multi use paper. All of our packaging is printed on 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable! 2. We donate 1% of our profits to the planet! I have to admit that the reason for Wean Green is not a profit driven reason. The main reason that Wean Green exists is because I wanted to offer mothers the choice of using glass containers for their weaners! Giving back and helping the environment as well as people! You will often see Wean Green staff offering their help for various causes, and I am proud to say I was one of the founders in an amazing initiative to raise funds that helped feed over 200,000 kids lunch! 3. Shipping has always been a bit of a thing for us. Obviously we want to get our products into our customers hands as fast as possible but we just couldn’t justify having Wean Green shipments go out all 5 business days in the week! We have changed the way we work so that we only ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays ensuring all orders are in the hands of our customers quickly without sacrificing extra emission from our delivery trucks. 4. Home Offices! All of the Wean Green staff has weaners aging from 3-16. I love that we can all work from home and not have to drive our cars downtown and add to the putrid exhaust smell. I hope this explains the children’s laughter in the background when you phone our office;) 5. Promote healthy lives and organic eating! I love connecting with customers who are just learning how to make baby food or are changing their school children’s eating habits. If there is one thing that I love best about my ‘job’ I would have to say it is the customers and the conversations that we get to have!! We recently sponsored a couple of baby food making classes and LOVED the feedback and response from the mamas. I would love to hear how you put the green in your lives!  

Happy 3rd Eco Birthday Talia!

Melissa, September 21, 2011

Yes, it has been three years since our lives forever changed;) My youngest weaner, Talia was born on September 21, 2008. In the past 3 years our family has gone from sorta eco friendly to extremely eco crazy. Our newer eco crazy life has expanded from daily practices to traditional celebrations including birthday parties. We have had so much fun planning, celebrating and documenting all of Talia’s Eco Birthdays! Check out her first and second eco birthday parties! This year Talia was very active in planning and preparing for her birthday. In the previous years she just put on her dress and played with her friends. This year she was a little…..demanding in her birthday needs. We started with going to the store and picking out the craft, loot bags and cake pan. She was given options, although they were limited to things that would have as little impact on the environment as possible. This epic third birthday party is best captured with pictures, hope you all enjoy!

Tips to Pack the Perfect Back 2 School Lunch!

Melissa, September 5, 2011

Luckily for my kids the internet was created and I no longer have to use ‘that’ side of my brain to come up with an awesome lunch. Here are my top tips for packing back to school lunches! 1. Websites! Use Weelicious– I LOVE this site! This mama shares many recipes and ideas every week. One of my favorite things about the site is that she is teaching the kids to love food without disguising the nutricious ingredients into a dish. It is so important for our weaners to know what a healthy, well rounded diet looks like and if we don’t teach them to eat vegetables because they are awesome they are never going to put them into their own diets. One of my favorite lunch recipes is her very simple banana dog recipe. Its quick, easy, fun and the kids love them! 2. Stock pile your fridge!- At the start of the week cut up tons of veggies, wash loads of fruit and stock pile your fridge! The weaner has to make sure she packs at least one full portion of fruit and one of veggies every day in her lunch. This week I had cut up carrot sticks, celery sticks, red pepper and cucumber sticks and threw them in Wean Tubs. I made little fruit salads with grapes, raspberries, and blueberries and put them in Wean Bowls. I buy the big bins of yogurt and split it into Wean Cubes. 3. Let your kids do it!- I don’t know how many times we have been told this is great for kids and their is such a higher chance that they will devour everything in their lunchkit if they are the ones that put it in! I am so excited to get my eldest weaner into a cooking class to teach her other methods of cooking! She will be heading over to Kulinary Kids soon! 4. Keep it Simple! There are so many blogs and articles written with lunches that look like they were made by fairies. There is no way that it will taste any better by creating a castle, didn’t your mothers ever teach you not to play with your food;) I like to do something a little more creative on special days, like birthdays or other celebrations. The rest of the time I like to go in and get it done! 5. Get rid of all the garbage!! You don’t need to buy individual bags of food or even small pre-made applesauces. Teach your child to use reusable containers to store food. Buy in bulk to reduce the waste coming out of your house and the waste going to the schools. Think of the yogurt example, imagine 2 kids in school with a couple individual servings of yogurt a week. That is about 4 pieces a garbage a week, 16 a month and 160 a year. Multiply ghat by an entire class of 20 and it starts getting uglier. Use reusable containers! Looking for 100 […]

Recipe of the Week Chinese Version-Applesauce

Melissa, August 25, 2011

Recipe of the Week Chinese Version-Fruit Salad

Melissa, August 4, 2011

Thirsty? Rethink Disposable Water Bottles.

Melissa, July 25, 2011

In the heat of summer I think we all need a little reminder about plastic water bottles. Remember, if you run into a store to buy a  bottle of water chances are you could just as easily run into a store to refill your water bottle! Thirsty? Wean Green has officially banned plastic water bottles from our office (of 2;).

BPA Free is not Equivalent to Safe Plastic!

Melissa, July 25, 2011

I recently had a friend tell me that she doesn’t heat up her food in plastic, its just for storage…. I think that the BPA publicity has put a bit of a blinder on consumers about the rest of the chemicals that are leached from plastics. I recently read a great article on Discovery News that unveils some more research about the effects of some other chemicals that leach into our food from plastics. I think one of the most important things in the article is that they tested the plastic BEFORE it went through the elements! Although the advice still stays the same for those who will continue to use plastic to hold food and drinks- “Avoid heating plastics, leaving them in the sun, putting hot materials in them or putting them through other stresses if you’re planning to eat or drink their contents.” Check out the full article: Even BPA-Free Plastics Not Always Safe written by Emily Stohn Read a previous post about SEM-the Next BPA

Recipe of the Week Chinese Version-Sweet Potato & Green Beans

Melissa, July 21, 2011

Recipe of the Week-Blueberry Banana Risotto

Melissa, July 11, 2011

Everyone loves a little sweet treat in the middle of the day! Try this amazing risotto recipe as a great vitamin packed lunch! Blueberry Banana Risotto! 1 cup blueberries 2 soft bananas 1 cup Arborio rice Cook rice according to package directions. Either mash or puree in the blueberries and bananas. So tasty!

Recipe of the Week Chinese Version-Baby Mac N’ Cheese

Melissa, July 7, 2011

Recipe of the Week-Baby Mac n’ Cheese!

Melissa, July 4, 2011

Even until this day my favorite meal is mac and cheese! Luckily for my belly I have grown out of the KD stage and moved onto a healthier version of this classic. Make this for the whole family and pull babies aside and puree! Mac & Cheese for Weaners 1 cup uncooked whole grain macaroni ¼ cup grated cheddar cheese 1 large tomato Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add macaroni and tomato. Cook according to package directions (normally around 10 minutes). Drain, add cheese. Puree or chop.

Recipe of the Week Chinese Version-Apple Turkey Loafs

Melissa, July 3, 2011

Recipe of the Week-Sweet Potato’s & Green Beans

Melissa, June 27, 2011

I was (am) a bit of a picky eater when it comes to my veggies so I always try to mix up the flavours a bit for my babies so that they don’t get their hate on one specific veggie! This combo even allows me to stomach green beans;) Sweet Potato & Green Beans 1 lb green beans 5 sweet potatoes Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Wash and cut the ends of fresh green beans (if using frozen don’t worry about it). Wash and peel the sweet potatoes Chop up sweet potatoes into cubes. Throw sweet potatoes and green beans in a casserole dish with just barely enough water to cover the bottom. Bake for 1 hour. Throw them in your blender and puree to the right consistency. You may need to add water or breast milk to thin them out.

Recipe of the Week-Apple Turkey Loafs!

Melissa, June 20, 2011

This recipe is another one that the whole family can enjoy!! I LOVE these amazing little bite! The girls enjoy packing these for family picnics at the park. Apple Turkey Loafs 1 lb ground turkey 2 egg yolks 1 wean cube carrots 1 wean cube apple sauce 1 wean cube green beans ¼ cup whole grain bread crumbs Pinch of basil Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Add all the ingredients and mix them well. Lightly grease muffin tins. Divide the mixture into the tins bake for 30 minutes and let cool before serving. You can use a fork to mash it up, puree it or cut into chunks if you baby enjoys finger food meals.

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