LitterLESS…. Halloween?!?

In my 194 days of LitterLESS Lunches I have ran into a stumbling block….aka Halloween. Even the ‘healthier’ options are all pre-packed (for some reasons that I do understand).

This got me thinking of parties in the classrooms. While we are all working hard on keeping our lunches LitterLESS what about events like Halloween? I know that in my daughter’s class a sign up sheet went out for food items as well as ‘napkins’ ‘disposable plates’.

Why not just ask parents to bring in a ‘reusable container’? This would also double to get rid of some of the food waste as well (have you ever seen a six year old walk up to a buffet and only serve themselves what they were going to eat). They could enjoy goodies from their friends’ homes, choose their favourites and bring home anything they didn’t eat! Brilliant;) Ha! I do encourage you to look at ways to green your Halloween.

Here are a few good sites and reads for a greener Halloween:

I hope your 194 days of LitterLESS Lunches has been rocking! I’d love to hear what you’ve been packing-please feel free to share on the 194 Days of LitterLESS Lunches post!