Ever thought of compartmentalizing your meal?

This means breaking your meal down into smaller more sizeable components and portions.

Let me give you an example. When you make a recipe let’s say it is a quinoa dish with beans, veggies and a yummy sauce. Maybe it’s a salad with veggies, lettuce or kale, some toppings like cucumber, avocado, seeds and then you have a delicious dressing to put on it. You don’t want everything all mixed together especially if it’s for lunch the next day.

In this case you want to have these items for a day or two and don’t want everything to be all dressed up only to get soggy.

Then you should separate each item into a container or two. Almost like a salad bar in your fridge or your lunch bag.

You can have sauce or dressings in one, veggies in another, grain in one and maybe beans in another. You can either combine them all when your ready to eat them in another empty container or bowl or leave them to be consumed on their own. This will surely make mealtime easy, tidy and fun.

This is perfect for those people who don’t like their food to touch on their plate – as this method ensures complete separation. Also there is no cross contamination of ingredients. Maybe you or someone in your family is allergic to dairy, wheat or is a vegetarian. This way you can put those items in a separate container, yet you can all enjoy the same “relative” meal.

Not only will your items stay fresher longer, but also you can mix and match items. What was once one meal can now be two or three different meals. Whether you have mixed and matched different items to come up with new combinations. This allows for creativity and some spontaneous fun when it comes to mealtime!

For example:

You’ve got sprouted beans, brown rice or quinoa, kale, baked sweet potatoes or raw carrots, dressing or sauce and hemp seeds as your meal.

Combo # 1: Brown Rice + Kale + Carrot + Hemp seeds + Dressing

Combo # 2: Beans + Brown rice + Kale + Sauce

Combo # 3: You’ve decided to combine all the items together and put into wrap or in a large bowl.

The combinations are endless!

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