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Preserving Nutrients in Fruits & Vegetables

As you discover the benefits of making your babies food in your own kitchen you need to be aware of how to best keep the nutrients locked into those fruits and veggies. While my mother, her mother, her mother’s mother (you get the picture) have always told me to boil all my fruits and veggies when preparing them for my babies, there are actually better ways to prepare them to ensure that the nutrients stay locked into these wholesome meals. Check out the lists below for the best way to retain the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Note: Microwaving doesn’t even come close to the best way to prepare babies food! Best Served Fresh avocados, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, melons, cherries, oranges, grapes, kiwi, papaya, pears, strawberries, cucumber, Best Steamed apples, mango, plums, prunes, asparagus, broccoli, beets, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, parsnips, peas, spinach, summer squash, tomatoes, Best Baked apricots, peaches, nectarines, pumpkins, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, turnips Best Boiled cranberries, green beans, lentils, dried beans, corn,

Making Your Baby Food

There are many benefits to making your own baby food: To start teaching your baby that homemade foods are enjoyable, and the easiest choice. To save money. If a jar of baby food is $1.50, and you go through even 1 per day from ages 6 months – 12 months, that’s about $270. To allow your baby to eat a greater variety of food. Do you see baby avocado or baby buffalo on the shelf? Thought not! To avoid additives and preservatives. Some of the store-bought baby food no longer contains these, but you still have to read the labels. I recently accidentally purchased 6mo+ “Organic Blueberry Dessert” thinking it was prunes. It contained many ingredients that I would not want a 6 month old to eat, including added sugars & dairy. You can mix homemade baby food with breast milk or formula, instead of water. This adds extra nutrition as well as giving baby a taste they are familiar with. Another major benefit of making your own baby food is to help make the change from pureed to mashed foods easier. Even higher “stages” of store bought baby food are quite mushy and pureed. It is far easier to add texture to your own baby food. Simply blend less and add less fluid to gradually increase the lumpiness of the food. Soon you won’t need the blender at all, and can just use a fork (i.e. to mash beans, canned salmon etc). There is a “window of opportunity,” around 9 months of age, in which it will be much easier for your baby to learn to accept different textures. Learning how to chew does take time and practice – be patient!  Use a proper chair and small spoons, in a relaxed atmosphere with no distractions to feed your baby. Some babies may prefer to use their hands, and this is ok! Your child will make a mess playing, and poking at their food, so be prepared and enjoy this exploration. Besides all of these benefits, making your own baby food easy! Here are the steps: 1)    Prepare: wash and peel fruits and veggies with tougher skin. Soon you will be able to leave peels on fruits like pears and apples, to add more texture to the food. Rinse canned beans. Trim fat from meat. 2)    Cook: I like to boil meat to add more moisture. Steam fruits and veggies in a steamer basket on the stove or in the microwave as opposed to boiling, to retain vitamins. 3)     Puree: in a blender, food processor or hand mill. Add breast milk or water – the more fluid you add, the finer the puree will be. 4)    Portion into your Wean Green cubes and freeze! Here are some examples of food cubes that taste great together: Peas and pork Green beans and beef Sweet potato and chicken Butternut squash and tofu Mango, Papaya and banana

Wean Green visits the set of Breakfast Television Calgary

I have never felt more comfortable setting up for a media interview! I would like to extend an extremely sincere thank you to the crew over at BT Calgary for hosting me this morning! Sandra’s emails make me laugh, although I am not much of a hugger Glen’s hugs are much appreciated, camera crew (sorry I am not that great with names!) you are both awesome and Tara-I don’t think BT could have picked a sweeter host for the morning show! I was worried I was going to be half asleep but the energy in the room was enough to wake anyone up (and not be grouchy about it;) Take a peek at the video, tell me you love my new top and try cooking your baby’s cereal from scratch! Happy Family Day Everyone! Check out the clip on BT Calgary’s website! Thanks for the support everyone!

Picky Eater Blues Possible Solution

I have had so many people ask me about picky eaters!!  Toddlers tend to hit this stage and the time length of the fussy stage normally depends on how we handle it. I had an incredibly picky eater and here is how I handled it.  Every Sunday night we sit down and plan our weekly menu. We vote on our favorites and I only let them pick the same meal once a month.  We check off all the food groups and I get the groceries.  Every night we unite in the kitchen to tackle the task of making supper.  Even the one year old weaner is involved.  She stands on a chair and licks all the spoons that we give her 🙂 There are still the occasional nights when the weaners don’t like what was cooked up.  I have at least 3 left over meals stored in the freezer and they can pick something from there.  But really, sometimes they just aren’t hungry!! I have also stumbled into Today I Ate a Rainbow’s advice on picky eating lately that I think is much more valuable than this post:) Good luck, hope I helped get your kids to eat.  I know I didn’t help the madness in your kitchen at supper time!

Recipe of the Week-Broccoli Bites (10+ Months)

Broccoli Bites 2 cups broccoli florets 1 cup bread crumbs (see recipe) 1 cup grated cheddar cheese 4 egg yolks Pinch of basil Pinch of oregano 1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. 2. Add enough water to just barely touch the bottom of the basket. 3. Place florets in your steamer basket and cover. 4. Steam for about 3-5 minutes until your florets are very soft. 5. Lightly cover baking sheet with olive oil. 6. Combine cooked broccoli, bread crumbs, cheese, egg yolks, basil and oregano stirring well. 7. Drop by teaspoons full onto baking sheet 8. Bake for 10 and flip over. Bake an additional 10 minutes. 9. Dice into small pieces. 10. Scoop into Wean Cubes. Remember to check the temperature before serving. Store the leftovers in the fridge for 3 days or the freezer for 3 months. Yields approximately: 2 ½ dozen bites

Tori Makes Her Own Baby Food!

If Tori Spelling can do it… We all know that commercial baby food smells and tastes horrible, listen to Tori chat about making her baby’s food. Tori Spelling: What would fans be shocked to know? The Channel | MySpace Video

Wholesome Baby Food-Baby Food Recipes!

When my weaner’s were small I was a daily visitor to!  This site is a mama’s dream!  It is packed full of recipes and nutritional information.  There are recipes for all stages of weaning.  The site has an overwhelming amount of information but is categorized and organized so it won’t even take seconds to  find what you are looking for.  We are so happy to be working with Wholesome Baby Food and are excited to announce an upcoming promotion…Until then, happy weaning!

Homemade (by someone else) Baby Food!

Alright, it may surprise you (unless you know me) that I didn’t make ALL my weaner’s food myself!  Some times there are just days when you are done, you are out of baby food, sleep, patience and ingredients and you just need a little help.  Often times you can get help without going straight to a traditional commercial baby food jar! I found our local baby food chef at our farmer’s market.  I think I purchased every last meal she had on her table! The name you ask? Baby Gourmet! Lifesaver.  So I am hoping to help you other super mamas who feel like taking a break from cooking in the kitchen to head on over to some lovely ladies that will just make it for you.  I have added as many links as I could find, if you have more please add to the comments section, we would love to help you save super mamas! P.S- I wish I could tell you I have tried them all but I have only purchased from Baby Gourmet. Canada: Calgary Eastern Canada Sweet Pea Baby Food Ontario Bobo Baby Throughout Western Canada, TX, DE, NU, PA United States: New York City U.S California Washington & California California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii Gerorgia New York Area Tasty Baby California, Maryland, New York Yummy in my Tummy Florida GustOrganics New York City Happy Baby Food U.S Maddy’s Organic Meals Chicago and area Petite Palate New York & Connecticut