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When I started working at Wean Green I told Melissa (the boss) that I used BPA-free plastic containers.  I thought she would be so proud until she asked me “what do you think they use instead of BPA”?  This was such a great perspective that I never even considered.  In most cases when companies take out the BPA the replace it with BPS which is just as bad.  This local study has asked the same question and gave some answers: Kat

When there is no other option….

Teaching kids to eat healthy is really easy….when there are no other options! As soon as the weather turns nice we are always packing up our picnics and heading outside. When you are packing your picnics (or even school lunches!) remember that if it is what is being offered your kids just may eat & love it. Do you have a picky eater? Check out some of these awesome resources! 5 Fun Ways with Food, Picky Eaters part 1 & part 2, 10 Things You Can Do To Make Feeding Baby Easier, Today I Ate a Rainbow    

BPA Free is not Equivalent to Safe Plastic!

I recently had a friend tell me that she doesn’t heat up her food in plastic, its just for storage…. I think that the BPA publicity has put a bit of a blinder on consumers about the rest of the chemicals that are leached from plastics. I recently read a great article on Discovery News that unveils some more research about the effects of some other chemicals that leach into our food from plastics. I think one of the most important things in the article is that they tested the plastic BEFORE it went through the elements! Although the advice still stays the same for those who will continue to use plastic to hold food and drinks- “Avoid heating plastics, leaving them in the sun, putting hot materials in them or putting them through other stresses if you’re planning to eat or drink their contents.” Check out the full article: Even BPA-Free Plastics Not Always Safe written by Emily Stohn Read a previous post about SEM-the Next BPA

Baby Apps!! Man, I love my iPhone;)

Its such an ‘app’ world! I use an app to do everything from distance my runs (which has been easy lately…0 km), wake me up, give me recipes and even check in with airlines and hotels! It is amazing how many apps there are that help us all out! Recently I was visiting a friend and I noticed that she always kept her iPhone really close when she was doing all the new tasks mamas do. I finally asked what she was doing and I was stunned to see that she had her adorable baby’s entire little life stored in her iphone! Gone are the days you have to put pins on your bra to remind you what side you nursed on last;) For $4.99 you can time, track, andremember every detail of your weaner to be’s life! I remember my big notebook that I would use to log all my weaner’s bowel movements, feeds, sleeps, baths (yes Renee, I did bathe them:), and extras (like when they got Vitamin D). I also remember leaving that book behind at several locations that never were disclosed and starting again. Eventually (about a week in) I gave up on my very good efforts and winged it which always came back to bit me when they had their emerg visits or checkups. I was equally as delinquent at keeping their ‘first year’ books up to date. Again, I would write down all of our special moments on little sticky notes only to lose them all in the end. Iwould take pictures and not get the film developed and I lost that nice little immunization book the nurse gave me about 1 week after I got it (each time…). This Total Baby App has been rated the #1 app to do all of the above!! You can take a picture at your weaner’s first hockey game and add it into their diary and then video their first steps and keep it all in one safe place. Besides the diary I think my favorite feature is the growth tracking. You can track, chart and email your baby’s growth!  My goodness I wish I had my iphone 9 years ago!! Still waiting on your baby to join the world? I was thrilled to see that What to Expect has offered a FREE App for all you pregnant mamas! Although all pregnancies are nowhere near to being the same I absolutely loved finding out what could be happening with my  growing baby every week! I also used the book to help decide what was ‘normal’ and what required attention. I used to phone my husband from work and ask him to go get the book and tell me if the symptom I was having was okay or not. I think he would have really appreciated this one;) Another circle I have been running in lately is that of the potty training parent. It is so funny how much conversation this can bring to a table of adults […]

Rid Phthalates!

One very good reason to be a proud Canadian is that this beautiful country acts against harmful chemicals and tries to keep them away from our little ones. I read the article, “Phthalates to be restricted in children’s toys” on CBC News this morning and I am thrilled with the report. This is not the first time this topic has come upon my blog, if you are interested in learning more about the dangers of some of the chemicals used in plastic check out! With many more chemicals to be banned from our products all I have to say is, good riddance phthalates!

InsideToronto Article: Food guru spoons up baby food

I always love coming across articles that encourage parents to make their own baby food! Check this one out from a seasoned expert!! InsideToronto Article: Food guru spoons up baby food

Global TV Examines the Newest BPA Report

Riva’s The Eco Store hosts Global TV as they examine the newest report stating that over 90% of Canadians have detectable levels of BPA in their urine. What better place to find BPA free products!! Global also focuses on other chemicals found in our products, stating that they are examining over 80 other chemicals. Wean Green was thrilled to see that Wean Cubes made the cut into this interview as we are company that’s number one goal is to educate parents about keeping baby chemical free! Check the video out here: And don’t forget, Wean Cubes are Phthalates, PVC, BPA and plasticizer free! Glass is the safest storage for food!!

Dangers of BPA and Other Chemicals

pToday was a huge day for BPA awareness! Articles flooded the media about the 91% of Canadians that have BPA in their systems.  The scariest part was that children and teens had higher levels than adults.  CTV has posted a good article about the findings I am hoping to help you understand the harmful effects of BPA as well as other chemicals commonly found in plastics and other eating materials. Bisphenol A aka BPA is a harmful additive that has been used to manufacture polycarbonate plastic.  Polycarbonate plastic is used to make everything from baby bottles to medical devices.  Polycarbonate plastic was known for its durability as well as transparency until recently, now it is known for its BPA. Within the past years the results of many research studies have been hitting the public at an alarming rate. These studies are indicating that BPA has harmful effects on humans.  They are reporting that BPA exposure is linked to a large array of diseases including heart disease, diabetes, liver problems and several cancers.  BPA is an endocrine disruptor that can mimic our bodies’ hormones and create several health problems including obesity, thyroid problems, reproductive problems and neurological issues. A Harvard study shows that after drinking from polycarbonate plastic water and baby bottles for one week can increase the levels of BPA in the urine up to three times! After reading over 150 reports about the risk of exposing humans to BPA Canada’s Health Minister, Tony Clement, stated that “It’s pretty clear that the highest risk is for newborns and young infants.” Unfortunately with all we know about BPA, we are learning just as much about other chemicals added into plastics. Polyvinyl chloride, aka PVC or the poison plastic, often adds Phthalates to make it softer, transparent, durable and flexible.  Phthalates, like BPA, are endocrine disruptors.  They are easily released into the environment and are the highest threat to fetal and child development.  With Phthalates come many of the same health risks of BPA including certain cancers, obesity and diabetes.  The Journal of Pediatrics has also published a study indicating low birth weight of infants who were exposed to Phthalates prenatal.  Science Daily reports that low birth weight is the leading cause of death of infants in the US. The poison plastic (PVC) is also known to emit Vinyl Chloride into the environment.  Vinyl Chloride is a colorless gas with a mild, sweet odour. Vinyl Chloride is used to create PVC. There are reports dating back to the 1930s about the harmful effects of Vinyl Chloride.  It has been known to cause cancer and liver damage.  Although Vinyl Chloride is a known carcinogen the harmful risks of exposure are still be studied.  The Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry states, “it has not been proven that vinyl chloride causes birth defects in humans, but studies in animals suggest that vinyl chloride might affect growth and development. Animal studies also suggest that infants and young children might be more susceptible than […]

A Glass of Pesticides?

They are what they eat! This is definitely not hot off the press BUT it I still think it is important for parents to think about what their weaner’s are eating (and drinking!).  The Environmental Working Group published an article in 1999 about the levels of pesticides in produce and how those pesticides present themselves in juice. Check out the article here:

An Apple a Day…

We have all heard the old saying, ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’.  What makes apples so famous? Well…A 1/2 cup of Wean Green’s Apple Puree contains: 55 calories; 15 g carbohydrates; 1.5 g total dietary fiber; 4 mg calcium; .2 mg iron; 3 mg sodium; 97 mg potassium; 4 mg magnesium; 9 mg phosphorous; 1 RAE vitamin A; 17 mcg beta-carotene; 13 mg vitamin C;

Join the Wean Green & Co. CIBC Run for the Cure Team

Team Wean Green is at it again!  This year we are hoping you will join our team (we are also hoping it doesn’t snow nearly as much as it did last year :).  Anyone can join our Calgary run.  If you are not in Calgary and think you can get 10 or more people together in your city let me know and I will send you the Team Wean Green & Co. running package. Check out our post from last year: Team Wean Green Runs for the Cure Ready to join? Go to this link: Click: Join a Team Enter Team Name: Wean Green (this will bring up a link below for our team, captain Melissa Gunning) Once you see the team there is a pink JOIN link on the right. Go there! Follow the steps from there and you will be part of the team! I will pick up the team package as well as distribute our very own Wean Green & Co. goodie bag on the morning of the run. Stay tuned for our meeting place!

Helpful List of Commercial Baby Food Jars that Do & Do Not Contain BPA in the Lid

We all know that making our own baby food is the healthiest option there is.  That doesn’t mean that if you are in a bind you can not substitute with a commercial baby food.  Before you do this, check out this survey that was done by Health Canada to determine BPA amounts in the lids of commercially packaged baby food.  They have a table that outlines some popular choices and indicates the BPA levels in them.  Super fantastic! Survey of Bisphenol A in Baby Food Products Prepackaged in Glass Jars with Metal Lids