2018 Holiday Gift Guide

Tis the season! Our favourite season for sharing our favourite recipes and DIY gift ideas. This is our 8th annual Holiday Gift Guide and this year we highlighted our top ten favourites from previous years! These are the gift ideas that we have used repeatedly whether in the classroom for the holiday party or to gift to our besties. Do you like an idea you see? Take 30% off any of the sizes using the code ‘Happy Holidays’ on our website!  With careful consideration, we present you with our top ten favourites:

10. Grinch Kabobs are the CUTEST and EASIEST classroom snack for the busy mama. If storing for a litterless snack, we love using the SNACK CUBES. I love making these for school lunches and snacks during the holidays. Check out the recipe HERE.

9. Spice Kits are such a nice way to show the foodies of your life that you care….and you’d like them to cook for you more! I love going to the spice store and going through the different spices with their teams. I always add some cloves and cinnamon sticks, just in case my foodie friends feel like whipping me up a hot holiday drink. The best part? Putting them in Wean Green is a double gift! We like to use the full KITCHEN SET so the receiver has a full selection.

8. Gingerbread People are a MUST HAVE. These are my favourite because they are chewy and full of flavour. And of course simple. These are great to gift inside a Meal Cube, just put a bow on top! Need a go to recipe? You can have ours HERE.

7. Loose Leaf Tea is my favourite teacher gift. I used to be a teacher so I feel like I am highly qualified to recommend this gift. Instead of purchasing loose leaf tea and presenting it in disposable bags, get them to fill the Wean Cubes right in the store! The tea will say fresh longer. 

6. Chunky Toblerone Shortbread is DIVINE! This recipe came into my family along with one of my soul sisters. I was never a huge shortbread easter but this recipe has changed my world! I love keeping these in the freezer for the entire holiday season so I have them on hand when my friends swing by. Also a great gift for our favourite bus driver who loves these as much as I do.  I portion these out into Lunch Cubes for a quick snack! Grab the recipe HERE.

5. Reindeer Rice Treats are almost cheating…almost. These sweet little treats are a very easy, last minute addition to any holiday celebration. SO easy even your smallest chefs can whip these together for you! Pack them up into a Lunch Bowl to keep it litterless this holiday! Share the recipe HERE.

4. Rooibos Chai Poached Pears….Seriously-who would have knew how brilliantly these flavours would go together?! Annaliisa’s recipes are always crowd pleasers and this one does NOT disappoint. Serve them up at the dinner table in a Meal Tub so you can just throw the lid on if there are any leftover. Grab the recipe HERE.

3. Strawberry Santa Hats are not only festive, they are tasty:) Are you seeing my theme yet? EASY! This snack takes me about 10 minutes to whip up and I always have the ingredients on hand. I throw these out when I am getting lunch ready and the kids nibble away. Keep a few handy in Wean Tubs in the fridge for the kiddos to grab. With all the candy that they are given I love having this fruit ready and on hand! Not much to it, check out the recipe HERE.

2. Homemade Bath Soaks are my favourite gift so I love making them for others too! Again, these are EASY. Decide which scents you love and go for it. I love mixing new scents to see what I can come up with. Grab a set of Wean Bowls and make a fun snowman too! Please click HERE for the recipe.

1. Roasted Beet & Cashew Dip. If you invite one of the Wean Green team members to a holiday party, you can be 99% certain that they will bringing this dip with them.  The bonus-your hostess gets to keep the container. I use the Meal Bowls and normally keep one in the fridge for me too;) Grab this recipe HERE.

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