Wean Teams Expert Foodie

We are so excited to have Marni on our blog expert team! We asked her to introduce herself and let us know whey she is excited about Wean Green. Here is her response:

Hi, I’m Marni Wasserman, a Culinary Nutritionist in Toronto. I am holistic nutritionist and natural chef with a strong passion for healthy eating and healthy living! I am the owner of Fully Nourished where I teach cooking classes, do private consultations, conduct workshops, write articles, ebooks and so on. My focus is stemmed around whole plant based foods, nothing processed, nothing refined! I am dedicated to showing people that everyday eating can be simple, delicious and fun!

I am thrilled to be part of the Wean Green team, because I love to make food and I need containers to store it in. Since I advocate wellness and natural living, these products fit completely within my values. I love that I will get the chance to show people just how clean, simple and cute these products are and to get rid of their plastic! From dressings, to sauces, dips and other goodies – I will have a chance to feature some of my latest recipes being stored in these fabulous containers.