Wean Green Loves Edamame Kids!

I was out and about in Calgary yesterday and decided to finally stop in and check out one of our newest baby boutiques.  I was so impressed with what I found! Edamame Kids is located in the very trendy Marda Loop area and is super easy to find (thank goodness!).  The owners are fabulous and as parents themselves they know the importance of finding green products for not only kiddos but also mamas!  They also have a nice section with maternity clothes that don’t break the bank!!

Go check them out for yourselves:) http://www.edamamekids.ca/

If you are interested in joining Wean Green’s infamous list of retailers please contact us for more information!

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  1. August 15, 2010

    Sounds like another great retailer…you have the best group of stores…with great taste…Wean Cubes are awesome!