Wean Green Holiday Traditions

We absolutely love this time of year especially with all the traditions that we have!  Here are our favorite traditions from the Wean Green Team!  Happy Holidays from our Families to yours!


Melissa – 

Christmas Eve has quickly become one of my favourite times of the holidays!  My beautiful sister has carried on a tradition started by my parents when we were kids and I love it.  For as far back as I can remember we have a massive FONDUE every Christmas Eve.  The food spread is amazing – we enjoy meats, cheeses (with batter), breads, veggies, seafood and so much more.  We always have a few oil fondue pots as well as an amazing cheddar cheese fondue & some amazing batter!  And of course it wouldn’t be Christmas Eve with out a few glasses of white to wash it all down.

One of my favorite things about the night is that we always have some ‘extras’ that had no plans for Christmas Eve.  My stomach always hurts after the meal, not be cause I overindulged (which I probs did) but because I LAUGH so hard all dinner.  The excitement and joy of the holidays could easily be captured at our dinner table.  Isn’t it funny how food can create such amazing family moments?!  Thanks mama and seester for making these memories for me and my family!

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Dana –

My Father-in-Law served a mission for our church in Finland from September 1965 to April 1968.  When he had children of his own a few years later, he decided to incorporate his time in Finland with his own family Christmas traditions.

This is how the tradition goes.  On Christmas Eve, when singing Christmas carols, if you happen to sing THIS song, you may receive a visit from Joulupukki, the Finnish Santa Claus.  Joulupukki usually brings a small gift and makes sure that all the kids have been good.

My husband and all his siblings have continued this tradition in their own families.  Our kids now enjoy visits from Joulupukki each year.  The kids love it so much that by 2-3 years old they can sing the Joulupukki song by heart!


Kat – 

Every Christmas my family has a big fondue dinner.  There is usually upwards of 15 people that gather around about 5 fondue pots!  We love the cheese fondue and beef fondue but we have also recently introduced chicken and seafood in as well.  On top of this we have a variety of veggie side dishes and other foods that taste delicious with warm fondue cheese drizzled on top!  If anything drops on the floor we don’t have to worry because we have our cleanup duty (our dog Roxy) under the table on patrol at all times throughout the meal!

After fondue we all gather around the tree and each pick 1 gift to open that night.  Once we are done opening the gifts, it is back to the table for dessert.  We have a chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and pastry’s as well as an ice cream sundae which usually is covered in Bailey’s Irish Cream.

After we are done indulging we usually spend the remainder of the night playing games, enjoying the company and remembering what the holidays are truly about!


Patty – 

My favoirte holiday tradition is singing Christmas Carols.  On Christmas Eve we gather around the piano, which has been in our family for generations and pull out the tattered and torn carol book.  We don’t always know all the versus but we can sure sing a pretty mean chorus!


Christina – 

During the holiday, me and my family like to hunt down all of the fun local holiday events, make a list and try to visit them all during the holiday seasons.  When I look back at my childhood memories I don’t remember the presents, I remember all the great adventures I had with my family, fun and laughter.

Isn’t that what Christmas should be about?