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What prizes fit under your me wee tree?

Multiple Contests, Multiple Ways to Win! Wean Green’s Grand Prize 1. Download the app for your iphone or android. 2. Grow, love, feed and water your tree EVERYDAY. 3. When you get enough points you can start to decorate your tree. 4. Upload your awesome tree to our facebook page and encourage your friends and family to ‘like’ your tree. Every ‘like’ counts as a vote and the tree with the most votes will take home our awesome grand prize! Included in this grand prize…a new ipod touch! 5. Voting will be closed on December 15th and the most likes wins!! We will ensure we get this prize to you in time to get it under your wee tree! Weekly Giveaways 1. Download the app for your iphone or android. 2. Review the wicked app and ensure you include ‘wean green’ somewhere in your review. 3. Every Friday we will randomly draw a name from the ‘wean green’ reviewers and they will win. Super easy! You may even take home an ipod shuffle for under your tree! 12 Days of Prizes, Chance to win a ModMom Toy Box, Bugaboo Stroller and Wishbone Bike! 1. Check out Babybot’s rules and instructions on how you can take home the goods this Christmas! Wouldn’t it be great to throw a Mod Mom Toy Box filled with some of the best modern kids products from top companies like Boon, Skip Hop and of course Wean Green?!!   **HOW TO GET YOUR ME WEE TREE OFF YOUR PHONE AND ONTO OUR FACEBOOK TO WIN! iPhones: In order to take a screen capture of the iPhone or iPod, press and hold the Home button that is located at the bottom center of the iPhone and is more often used to return to the default screen of your iPhone. While your hold the home button, also press the Sleep / Wake key on top of iPhone and a screenshot of the existing screen will get saved to your iPhone or iPod photos folder. The iPod / iPhone screen will flash momentarily to indicate that a screenshot has  been captured. You can then either upload the photo straight from your phone onto our page OR you can email it to yourself and do it when you get back to the big screen! Android: Check out this tutorial! http://www.pcworld.com/article/208566/how_to_take_screenshots_on_an_android_phone.html

Flavor of the Week-Wishbone Bike

If you have been hiding out you may have not heard of this absolutely incredible Wishbone Bike! Wishbone Design Studios have taken the frustration out of riding a bike for our weaner’s under 6.  It is hard enough for our munchkins to balance while walking, I can’t imagine how difficult it is for them to balance, steer and pedal at the same time. Wishbone eliminated pedals from this sleekly designed bike so that the kids can focus on learning how to maneuver on a bike before they get into the art of pedaling.  The Wishbone Bike is actually 3 bikes in 1! The traditional bikes with adjustable handles, adjustable seats and removable flimsy training wheels will soon be a thing of the past. What makes these guys my eco heros? First-check out the materials on these bikes: kiln-dried, preservative free plantation birch/eucalyptus, organic cotton, and recycled packaging. Now go to their site and read their sustainability section to see some of their sustainable highlights http://www.wishbonedesign.com/#/about-us/sustainability/. Along with the design of the bike is the design of their website!! It is amazing!! I love the site as much as I love the product!! http://www.wishbonedesign.com/#/home-page/. Here are the three different stages of this bike recommended for ages 1-5. Have a product that you think would be a great Flavor of the Week, contact me, melissa@weangreen.com!