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New Years, Fresh Beginnings

I used to mouth off to anyone that would listen that resolutions are ridiculous.  Why would we not choose to be the best we can be ALL year?! Why would we wait until January to quit smoking or to lose weight?  What is wrong with RIGHT NOW??  As most of us do, I mellowed and grew with every year that passed me by.  Looking back I can see that I was so ANTI-resolution because they never went well for me…hence the reason I thought they were silly.  😉 As we approach 2012, I feel excited and hopeful for the upcoming 366 days.  For me personally, the word Resolution is related to not following through with a goal….I much prefer to plan my Fresh Beginnings.  New habits, new rituals to take care of myself, new ideas – all to be launched in the New Year!  Striving to be the best you can be regardless of the time of the year is important, but let yourself be swept away by the anticipation of a new calendar year.   It’s exciting to plan and create our 2012 self.  So get a piece of paper and get busy, with the extra day in the coming year we just *might* have time for it all!  Happy New Years!!!! One of my Fresh Beginnings is a monthly newsletter for my work as a Life Coach.  I envision it as a helpful resource, full of valuable information for my audience.  If you would like to receive it please enter your email here.  Much gratitude!