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Wean Green Mama Travels

As you may or may not know I travel. A lot. Here is a peek at my schedule: January– Toronto February-LA, Frankfurt March-Anaheim, Chicago LA April-Miami, Vancouver May-LA, Fort Lauderdale, New York, Boston….and the list goes on. I also have two young weaners at home. And as some of you may or may not know, I love my life. Here is how I keep my sanity while traveling:  1. Hire a Dana (no, you can not have mine!). Having amazing people to work has made my life so much easier! My sincerest thanks to Dana, Katie, Jen, Awesome Reps, Verde, new Liz, Awesome Distributors, Everyone I am missing, and of course my amazing childcare saviour! 2. Marry a supportive husband….or convince yours to change;) Kevin has never questioned my desire to lead a WeaNation. In fact, he encourages it. I sync our calendars so that when I am away he doesn’t even notice (that much). 3. Watch a movie on the plane!! As a mama and a business owner it is ridiculously hard to sit still anywhere. The plane forces me to hang tight for a few hours. 4. Buy organic produce when you get to your destination! How many of you notice that as soon as we hit the road our healthy eating habits go with it? I love running into an organic grocer after I land to pick up a bag of fresh produce and some healthy snack foods. Of course I pack these into my Wean Green and bring them to my meetings;) 5. Pack up your family when you can! I love to travel for work, I love to travel for work even more when I have my daughters and husband with me. Often times there are scheduling conflicts and lack of childcare for the events but when I can make it work I always do! 6. Spend at least a half a day exploring. I always figure, if I paid for a ticket I am going to enjoy the view. (Huge thanks to my Netherlands distributor who gave me the entire country tour in the 13 hours I had on ground;) Makes it even better when you get the tour WHILE you work! 7. Call Home!!!!! Sometimes the time zones prevent me from calling home as much as I would like but in the end, every time I speak to my family I get a little more grounded and a lot more motivated to conquer the world one Wean Cube at a time! 8. BYOBedding! Traveling to Europe with a carry on and a duvet can be difficult so I have normally left my bedding behind BUT thanks to a new tip from Tracy I just bought one of these awesome 100% naturally organic silk DreamSacks.    Cheers! ~Melissa