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We put the ‘Green’ in Wean Green!

In September I had the honor of writing an article for the Globe & Mail referencing the top 10 tips for building an environmentally sustainable small business. I have been very proud how we have managed to run our company with the environment always being upfront and center in our decisions. If you haven’t had a chance to read the article make sure you swing over to the Globe & Mail. Here are some easy ways we keep the green in wean green! 1. We strongly discourage printing! We like to do all of our communication online and ask the companies that we work with to allow us to ship without the paper packing slip and invoices. When we do print we use 3 paper options: elephant poo paper, plantable paper or just recycled multi use paper. All of our packaging is printed on 100% recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable! 2. We donate 1% of our profits to the planet! I have to admit that the reason for Wean Green is not a profit driven reason. The main reason that Wean Green exists is because I wanted to offer mothers the choice of using glass containers for their weaners! Giving back and helping the environment as well as people! You will often see Wean Green staff offering their help for various causes, and I am proud to say I was one of the founders in an amazing initiative to raise funds that helped feed over 200,000 kids lunch! 3. Shipping has always been a bit of a thing for us. Obviously we want to get our products into our customers hands as fast as possible but we just couldn’t justify having Wean Green shipments go out all 5 business days in the week! We have changed the way we work so that we only ship on Tuesdays and Thursdays ensuring all orders are in the hands of our customers quickly without sacrificing extra emission from our delivery trucks. 4. Home Offices! All of the Wean Green staff has weaners aging from 3-16. I love that we can all work from home and not have to drive our cars downtown and add to the putrid exhaust smell. I hope this explains the children’s laughter in the background when you phone our office;) 5. Promote healthy lives and organic eating! I love connecting with customers who are just learning how to make baby food or are changing their school children’s eating habits. If there is one thing that I love best about my ‘job’ I would have to say it is the customers and the conversations that we get to have!! We recently sponsored a couple of baby food making classes and LOVED the feedback and response from the mamas. I would love to hear how you put the green in your lives!