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Flavor of the Week-Quinny Zapp Stroller

This one was love at first site for me!  I have a running stroller that is the weaner’s main mode of transportation around our house and outside but when you live in a climate where it snows 11 ½ months out of the year (a bit of exaggeration but right now that is how it feels) you need something smaller for the mall or the airport. The Quinny Zapp is perfect for folding up and throwing in your truck to use at where ever your destination!  It folds up to a nice little 12” X 27” package and is super lite!  It has a great seat for the weaner’s to stay comfy on their stroll through the park.  What really got me was not how great the product actually works (which don’t get me wrong it is superior) it was the color!  They have named the color “Capri” and it is a beautiful kind of tealy color.  I just love it! Anyway, enough about what I love, if you are looking for some stroller love you can purchase these at www.babybot.com