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Serenity Birth Studio Welcomes Wean Cubes!

Serenity Birth Studio offers a variety of classes to help expecting moms and new moms find serenity throughout the pregnancy and new mom stages! They even have a class on HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN BABYFOOD! Really could they be a better match for Wean Green?  I am sooo super thrilled to begin working with Serenity Birth Studio and helping all those mama’s that are in the kitchen making their baby’s food! I have to admit that I have never seen such a large collection of products to ease the pain of a new mama’s breasts! Check out their babyshop for a great variety of creative and useful products for pregnant mamas, post natal mamas and babies. If you ever find yourself in the store or on their website make sure you send them a hello from all of us at Wean Green! If you are interested in joining Wean Green’s infamous list of retailers please contact us for more information!