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Slice it, Seal it, Save it!

Ever cut a half an avocado, tomato onion etc, and wonder what to do with the other half. How do you store it? Hopefully not in a plastic container or ziploc bag? I love to use all different sizes of wean green containers to store and seal anything from avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers to sliced fruit like apples and pears etc. They are airtight so things will stay fresher longer. You also don’t need to worry about things getting squashed or squished at the back of your fridge because it will be safe in a glass container. There is often a lot of wastage with fruit and vegetables stored improperly because once damaged, no one wants to eat a bruised tomato, brown apple or spotty avocado. Using sealed glass containers can not only help to prevent wastage but also can promote maximizing using every inch of whole fruits and vegetables. Now don’t think you can leave them too long in the container, everything fresh has a shelf life!