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Join the Wean Green & Co. CIBC Run for the Cure Team

Team Wean Green is at it again!  This year we are hoping you will join our team (we are also hoping it doesn’t snow nearly as much as it did last year :).  Anyone can join our Calgary run.  If you are not in Calgary and think you can get 10 or more people together in your city let me know and I will send you the Team Wean Green & Co. running package. Check out our post from last year: Team Wean Green Runs for the Cure Ready to join? Go to this link: http://cbcf.convio.net/site/TR?sid=1000&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=1109 Click: Join a Team Enter Team Name: Wean Green (this will bring up a link below for our team, captain Melissa Gunning) Once you see the team there is a pink JOIN link on the right. Go there! Follow the steps from there and you will be part of the team! I will pick up the team package as well as distribute our very own Wean Green & Co. goodie bag on the morning of the run. Stay tuned for our meeting place!