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Pre Oscar Party Adventure..Part 1

My favorite part of getting out of my office/toy room is meeting other companies in this business! There were some familiar faces at the event as well as some new ones! Hello gorgeous super mama! I was more starstruck meeting the owner and maker of the absolutely beautiful Mod Mom toy boxes! I have to say this is one unassuming mama! She has 2 kids and while playing the part of mother amazingly she spends countless hours in her shop hand crafting modern, designer toy boxes! I can’t wait to get one (for each room in my house!). You can buy both Mod Mom Furniture and Wean Cubes from our friends over at Babybot! Huge shout out to Kiersten and any other lovely mamas from da’ Bank! www.modmomfurniture.com One of the things that made Babybot so unique is that they actually brought in some of their suppliers reps! I was so thrilled to work with Ricardo from Bugaboo and Jose from Beco!! Its Jose in the picture above but we made sure to put the Bugaboos in to represent Ricardo! I will find a good one of him for Part 2. We all know I am a huge fan of both companies and it was absolutely fabulous to meet them! More about my babybot field trips will come!! Leap Frog-I can’t thank those ladies enough for putting up with my over tired bubbly personality on set up night! The ladies patiently waited until ridiculous hours in the night to receive their products. As if it wasn’t hard enough to sit and watch us set up hundreds of boxes they also were gracious enough to tease us all night;) I love them both, if you are reading-HI!! http://shop.leapfrog.com/leapfrog/ Some familiar faces were the glowing smiles from Puppy & Bean! My goodness, these women are lovely! They offer shirts branded with some great sayings. Talia’s personal fave ‘Spirited Child’. I’ll say! http://puppyandbean.com/ Little Divas Tutu also offered an extremely friendly familiar face! Melissa is absolutey beautiful and I was so excited to see her again! My daughters have been having so many tutu parties since the last time I was so excited that she gave me another one to mix it up a bit;) http://littledivatutus.com/ I love seeing mamas working hard-especially with their babies in the carrier helping them! Toe Blooms was there with babies in tow (I think the babies were the biggest celeb draw;) Great products, amazing company! http://www.toeblooms.com/ I Like Meredith. I also like the I Like Book.  This book gets my commercial-As a mom and a teacher this product grabs my attention! One of my next posts is about how positive energy makes such a change in everything we do, teaching this from a young age gives our munchkins the tools they need to choose the right paths and ‘like’ themselves as well as others! http://theilikebook.com/how-it-works Another beautiful mama- Oh Baby Organic Skincare was at the event with her beautiful little girl! http://www.ohbabyorganicskincare.com/ As a Canadian mama I […]