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Toasted Eggs

These toasted eggs are so simple to make and perfect for back-to-school days!

Preserving Nutrients in Fruits & Vegetables

As you discover the benefits of making your babies food in your own kitchen you need to be aware of how to best keep the nutrients locked into those fruits and veggies. While my mother, her mother, her mother’s mother (you get the picture) have always told me to boil all my fruits and veggies when preparing them for my babies, there are actually better ways to prepare them to ensure that the nutrients stay locked into these wholesome meals. Check out the lists below for the best way to retain the nutrients in fruits and vegetables. Note: Microwaving doesn’t even come close to the best way to prepare babies food! Best Served Fresh avocados, bananas, blueberries, cantaloupe, melons, cherries, oranges, grapes, kiwi, papaya, pears, strawberries, cucumber, Best Steamed apples, mango, plums, prunes, asparagus, broccoli, beets, carrots, cauliflower, eggplant, parsnips, peas, spinach, summer squash, tomatoes, Best Baked apricots, peaches, nectarines, pumpkins, white potatoes, sweet potatoes, winter squash, turnips Best Boiled cranberries, green beans, lentils, dried beans, corn,

Swag Bag Sneak Peek! Today I Ate A Rainbow Kit!

Yes, DOUBLE TROUBLE! This will be our first rendevous since our last stint in Vegas! Today I Ate A Rainbow will be in the Boom Boom Room and YES I have volunteered her to give away a prize:) Any opportunity to get weaners to eat more fruits and veggies and I am 100% on board!! Today I Ate A Rainbow was designed by one of my fabulous mama friends! The kit comes with a nutritional chart and magnets so they can track their fruit and veggie intake daily! The book is a great educational tool for teaching kids why they need to eat their fruits and veggies and the bookmark will hold your spot (because yes, you will be reading it every night!). The kit also comes with a shopping cart so that you actually remember to BUY a rainbow for your weaners to eat-she has thought of everything! For all the info on your chance to win a Rainbow Kit as well as a ton of other awesome products check out our January Contest Post! If you have already signed up for the newsletter and are looking for extra entries drop a line to Kia on twitter or facebook and leave a little note in the comments section so you get the extra entry!

Flavor of the Week-Today I Ate a Rainbow!

SO COOL!! This is a fabulous resource for any parent (and teacher)!!  The package was shipped so quickly and came in an exciting package.  I received The Rainbow Kit which includes: 1 fridge chart, fabulous magnets for each food color (enough for up to 4 kids), super cute achievement magnets, shopping list pad, Rainbow Bunch children’s book, and magnets to secure it all to the fridge! Let me start with the chart, the fabulous chart.  The chart has amazing, bright pictures that immediately caught all four eyes of the munchkins! The fruits and vegetables are cute little characters with big smiles that the youngest weaner thought was sooo funny! The night we got The Rainbow Kit my oldest weaner realized that we hadn’t eaten any ‘yellow’ that day so we went off to the store looking for a yellow.  Now everyday after we eat supper the oldest weaner puts their magnets on the chart and lets me know if we were missing a color.  She has had some issues with green but now she will eat anything just to achieve eating the entire rainbow, I LOVE IT! I am pretty sure The Rainbow Bunch children’s book was written for my youngest weaner.  The rhymes read like a fun song and she ‘sings’ along as I read the pages.  It has been our bedtime (and wake time) book for over two weeks now and she puts it in her bag to bring wherever we go.  While she loves the rhymes and pictures I love the content.  My favorite thing about the book is that it is educational.  It teaches kids the problems of not eating healthy foods and it doesn’t focus on weight! When I was making my own baby food I had a checklist on my fridge so that I could monitor the ‘colours’ the weaners ate.  I think this would be a fabulous addition for mom’s that can just put it up high enough that little ones won’t try to eat them to monitor their kid’s diets. Buy them here: https://www.todayiatearainbow.com/products-page/ Have a product that you think would be a great Flavor of the Week, contact me, melissa@weangreen.com!