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Grinch Kabobs

These super easy snacks are perfect for a classroom holiday party!

Veggie Santa

No one can resist a veggie when it is shaped like the big guys face!

Gingerbread People

These tasty gingerbread people are a classic holiday cookie. Decorate with any of your favourite sweet treats.

2017 Holiday Gift Guide & GIVEAWAY

Wean Green’s annual holiday gift guide is here and we hope you love it!! This year, we were focussing on quick and easy ideas for holiday parties.

Rosé Galentine Gummy Bears

Just for adults! 🙂 Print Recipe Rosé Galentine Gummy Bears Servings Ingredients 1 cup rosé Servings Ingredients 1 cup rosé Instructions Add Rosé, sugar & gelatin into a pot on medium low. Stir for 5 minutes until the powders have dissolved. Add dye. Drop into gummy bear molds Place in fridge for 2 hours until set. Store refrigerated in your favourite Wean Green!