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How We Raise ‘Em!

From birth, we watch over our children with a fierce protective instinct.  We love them, we nurture them, we gently guide them as they grow.  Wean Cubes are a great example, doing our best to eliminate toxins from their food while protecting the environment we pass on to them. There is NO question that we love our kids, but what do we model for them, what do they see?  Do we show them how to set themselves up for a life complete with a healthy body and overall wellness?  Do we model a physical, well rounded lifestyle?  If we do model it, which many of us do, I believe another important question to ask ourselves is…do we include them in it? My honest answer to this question is not always.  I have three girls, Grade 6, Grade 5 and a Kindy.  When they were younger and I went out for a run, I wanted solitude, this space was sacred to me…is sacred to me.  I planned all of my activity sans children.  I would see Mom and Baby classes and said ‘No thank you!’.  During the crazy years when the kids were all small, exercise was my getaway.  Not that there is anything wrong with that..in fact, it kept me sane during those years!  But as our family evolved, my fitness wasn’t just about me any longer.  I started to feel guilty as I headed out the door and they were watching Sponge Bob. As they grow, there is no excuse for me to leave them behind….and now, I have three blue-eyed sidekicks!  We go to the park and all try pull ups…we sprint with the dogs, we do insane little intervals of jacks, squats and crunches.  I drag them to nutrition seminars, I involve them in choosing and preparing our foods.   And when I run, I invite them to ride their bikes with me….well sometimes I invite them…running is still my ‘alone’ time… My intention for my girls is that they know how good it feels to take care of their health, and that as adults they that don’t even have to think about how to live a healthy life – they just do it, it’s ingrained in them, it’s just how they were raised. 🙂 Stevie