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Thanksgiving Leftover Shelf Life Guide

scroll to the bottom for the ‘quick guide’ for leftover shelf life;)  Thanksgiving Leftovers Do you know what is better than a great Thanksgiving feast? THE LEFTOVERS! We have a few tips for storing those amazing, delicious leftovers that we dream about the entire first part of November. Our family likes to eat light before our Thanksgiving meal so I like to have a few dips  out for snacking while I get everything else ready. Check out my favourites: CASHEW & BEET DIP, PUMPKIN SPICE DIP Seriously though?! Is it EVEN? We like to whip our potatoes up with extra butter& garlic. How do you eat yours? We have even froze our leftover mashed potatoes. I use them to make the best Shepherd’s Pie. Stuffing (aka dressing) is my FAVOURITE part of the meal! Since I am not a fan of stuffing the bird this Weelicious recipe has become an absolute staple for our holiday meals. Get the recipe: Apple Sausage Stuffing Bites. They last just as long as regular stuffing and taste even more divine. Want to know my clean up secret? I try to serve as many of my sides in Wean Green so that I can just throw the lid on the leftovers. Yep. That simple. On the off chance that there is any Turkey leftover, try making some Turkey Pot Pies! They freeze well and are great for lunches or on the fly dinners.  No more guessing how long your leftovers are going to keep! Use our quick guide to help with meal prep and freezer meals. Happy Happy Thanksgiving!

2016 Holiday Gift Guide

Wean Green presents this year’s holiday gift guide! Packed  full with fun and creative gifts that you and your kids can put together for family and friends. This guide will ensure a festive and innovative way to celebrate the holidays, as well as your loved ones.  Click the link below to view the guide. 2016 Holiday Gift Guide To go directly to your favorite recipe, click the links below. Sweet Treats Toblerone Shortbread S’mores Chocolate & Almond Bark  Homemade Marshmallows Brownie Christmas Trees Caramel Twists Chocolate Coconut Energy Balls Creative Crafts Fingerprint Ornaments Sock Snowman Popsicle Christmas Tree Reindeer Dust Home Goods Lavender & Peppermint Bath Salts Sugar Cookie Foot Soak Homemade Lotion Chocolate Face Mask Drinks Loose Leaf Tea Kit Mocha Cocoa  

Making Your Baby Food

There are many benefits to making your own baby food: To start teaching your baby that homemade foods are enjoyable, and the easiest choice. To save money. If a jar of baby food is $1.50, and you go through even 1 per day from ages 6 months – 12 months, that’s about $270. To allow your baby to eat a greater variety of food. Do you see baby avocado or baby buffalo on the shelf? Thought not! To avoid additives and preservatives. Some of the store-bought baby food no longer contains these, but you still have to read the labels. I recently accidentally purchased 6mo+ “Organic Blueberry Dessert” thinking it was prunes. It contained many ingredients that I would not want a 6 month old to eat, including added sugars & dairy. You can mix homemade baby food with breast milk or formula, instead of water. This adds extra nutrition as well as giving baby a taste they are familiar with. Another major benefit of making your own baby food is to help make the change from pureed to mashed foods easier. Even higher “stages” of store bought baby food are quite mushy and pureed. It is far easier to add texture to your own baby food. Simply blend less and add less fluid to gradually increase the lumpiness of the food. Soon you won’t need the blender at all, and can just use a fork (i.e. to mash beans, canned salmon etc). There is a “window of opportunity,” around 9 months of age, in which it will be much easier for your baby to learn to accept different textures. Learning how to chew does take time and practice – be patient!  Use a proper chair and small spoons, in a relaxed atmosphere with no distractions to feed your baby. Some babies may prefer to use their hands, and this is ok! Your child will make a mess playing, and poking at their food, so be prepared and enjoy this exploration. Besides all of these benefits, making your own baby food easy! Here are the steps: 1)    Prepare: wash and peel fruits and veggies with tougher skin. Soon you will be able to leave peels on fruits like pears and apples, to add more texture to the food. Rinse canned beans. Trim fat from meat. 2)    Cook: I like to boil meat to add more moisture. Steam fruits and veggies in a steamer basket on the stove or in the microwave as opposed to boiling, to retain vitamins. 3)     Puree: in a blender, food processor or hand mill. Add breast milk or water – the more fluid you add, the finer the puree will be. 4)    Portion into your Wean Green cubes and freeze! Here are some examples of food cubes that taste great together: Peas and pork Green beans and beef Sweet potato and chicken Butternut squash and tofu Mango, Papaya and banana