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Making Change

Are you ready to make a change in your families eating habits? Are your children resisting your efforts? Here are some steps I often suggest parents take when they are trying to change family eating habits: Take a look at your child’s current menu and pick out the healthiest foods they eat, incorporate these foods as much as possible in their meals. Begin to offer new foods with the favourite healthy foods. When you offer new foods, offer small portions…just a “taste” to begin, and expect your child to make faces, silly sounds, etc. as they make a drama out of tasting it. If they don’t want to try it, don’t force them. If they don’t like it, don’t worry. Just smile and say thanks for trying. And then…try again next week J Slowly reduce the “junk” foods you are bringing into the house, replacing them with healthy foods. If the “junk” foods are not in the house, they can’t eat it. Make the healthy alternatives easy to get so your child has options when hunger strikes. Get your children involved. I know your trip to the grocery store is much quicker without them, but involving them is important.  Let them help decide what is on the menu for dinner, let them help with meal preparation, and so on. Involving them in the process means they are more likely to enjoy eating it. These are just a few first steps to take when you are working to change family eating habits. Keep in mind changing habits is never easy. You have to keep trying. Know this when you start, set small steps for your family and change only a few things at a time. It is a process, a journey; it does not have to happen overnight. And remember your children are always watching…so make sure to set a good example. What steps have you taken to change your family’s eating habits?