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Love for School Zone!

Back in the days when I called myself a grade 1/2 teacher my favorite part of watching my students grow was watching their reading skills develop.  I was on a never-ending search to find books that would suit a class of twenty-seven 5-7 year olds. I needed the flexibility to go between the different stages the children were at as well as books that could keep them captivated and wanting to flip through the pages as well as books that wouldn’t just die off when the kids learned their first five site words.….SO I wish I would have been given the opportunity to review School Zone’s Start to Read! Complete Early Reading Program 18-Book Set earlier. Even with only a class of 2 I am so excited to be using these books! The youngest weaner turned 3 in September, making her an early reader. School Zone suggests that the level 1 books are for ages 4-6 but I was extremely comfortable using them with my 3 year old (with different expectations of course!). I will tell you what we did first and then get into the top ten list of what I loved! My experience: Starting with the first book, I would read it to my daughter every night for 3 nights and during the day I would leave the cd in the player and the book beside and she would go back to it during the day and ‘practice’ her reading. She would listen along to the story and ‘read’ the book. Either my daughter is a genius (probably) or these books rock (maybe both;) but by the third day not only could she point to the words as the cd read them to her that night she was also able to read me the book! She had memorized the entire book, word for word. Yes, this is a skill, a HUGE one! Part of learning how to read is learning that words on the page correlate with what is being said (and drawn in the illustrations). She now has a select few books that she loves more than the others and is happy to pick one at bedtime for me to read to her and then listens to some of them during the day when she is playing. We will continue to practice reading together and I am sure by kindergarten her teacher will strongly dislike me & School Zone because she will be bored and reading at a grade 5 level (totally teasing but it’d be funny). Now to the things I LOVED about this series. 1.    Repetition- Best way for kids to learn! Think about if you hear something once, twice and then again a third time. By the third time you are probably close to being an expert on the bear story your husband tells at every dinner party you attend. The more you see/hear/smell/taste/touch something, the more familiar it gets. The books use fantastic repetition throughout all the levels. 2.    Mathematical Elements- in many […]

Flavor of the Week-Today I Ate a Rainbow!

SO COOL!! This is a fabulous resource for any parent (and teacher)!!  The package was shipped so quickly and came in an exciting package.  I received The Rainbow Kit which includes: 1 fridge chart, fabulous magnets for each food color (enough for up to 4 kids), super cute achievement magnets, shopping list pad, Rainbow Bunch children’s book, and magnets to secure it all to the fridge! Let me start with the chart, the fabulous chart.  The chart has amazing, bright pictures that immediately caught all four eyes of the munchkins! The fruits and vegetables are cute little characters with big smiles that the youngest weaner thought was sooo funny! The night we got The Rainbow Kit my oldest weaner realized that we hadn’t eaten any ‘yellow’ that day so we went off to the store looking for a yellow.  Now everyday after we eat supper the oldest weaner puts their magnets on the chart and lets me know if we were missing a color.  She has had some issues with green but now she will eat anything just to achieve eating the entire rainbow, I LOVE IT! I am pretty sure The Rainbow Bunch children’s book was written for my youngest weaner.  The rhymes read like a fun song and she ‘sings’ along as I read the pages.  It has been our bedtime (and wake time) book for over two weeks now and she puts it in her bag to bring wherever we go.  While she loves the rhymes and pictures I love the content.  My favorite thing about the book is that it is educational.  It teaches kids the problems of not eating healthy foods and it doesn’t focus on weight! When I was making my own baby food I had a checklist on my fridge so that I could monitor the ‘colours’ the weaners ate.  I think this would be a fabulous addition for mom’s that can just put it up high enough that little ones won’t try to eat them to monitor their kid’s diets. Buy them here: https://www.todayiatearainbow.com/products-page/ Have a product that you think would be a great Flavor of the Week, contact me, melissa@weangreen.com!