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Litterless Valentine’s Day

Lovin’ the Earth a little more this ¬†February! Some ideas on using Wean Green to give a littlerless Valentine’s day. Additional Tips for a Litterless Valentine’s Day:¬† 1. Instead of making paper cards make edible cards! Add the name to the cookie and place it in a cube. There are some great organic cookie recipes out there! 2. No gift wrap. We don’t want to sound like a broken record but don’t wrap a gift with the traditional wasteful pile of paper, try something creative like using a personalized t-shirt to wrap up a yoga mat….hint hint Kevin… 3. Support Local Businesses! Show some love for the peeps in your hood. 4. Rethink your Presents. Another holiday that has gone down the drain to consumerism;( Rethink the presents you buy and give. Try replacing perfume with some nice organic bath soaps, replace the regular chocolates with some organics (or even make them yourself…Dana-where is the recipe?). What are your tips to add a little more Earth Lovin’ for this V-Day? Love, Melissa