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5 Quick Holiday Tips

I love the holiday season! The friends, parties, traditions!! The one thing I don’t love is the over indulgence that we often see during this time. Here are my 5 tips to stay eco-chic this holiday season: 1. Creative Wrapping: Get creative! Wrap in something that people would also love to be gifted, like a Lunch Cube or a dish towel! 2. Portion Control: The easiest way for me to use this is to grab a ‘real’ plate at a party. I find that if eating off disposable dinnerware you are often tempted to go back for more, even after you have trashed the first plate. If you are using a real plate the chances of you refilling or grabbing a new plate will be lower… 3. Give Activities: Instead of giving material gifts this year try giving ‘activities’. Like park passes, swimming lessons, truffle classes (that will be used asap;), rock climbing memberships, etc. 4. Help Out: Donations and volunteering are a great way to help even out this now consumer driven holiday season. You will notice that it is almost difficult to get in to volunteer in the month of December so instead of going in for a 1 time show, sign up to volunteer for the year. Get some friends together and take over Tuesdays Soup Kitchen duties. There are tons of ways to help those in need and tons of us to do it so lets all pitch in and brighten someone else’s holiday season. 5. Decorate Wisely: Thankfully a lof of our decorations are family heirlooms that will never be thrown away or replaced. Really think of what you are buying just to use for a few weeks of the year. Try making your own decorations with your families. Surprise them with some cool homemade advent calendars! Have a safe & happy holiday season!