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Flavor of the Week-Rickshaw Bottle Bank Baby Bag

Don’t you just hate to look outside on garbage day or recycling day and see just how much we don’t need every week? I do!  I am always thinking of innovative ways to reuse anything before it ends up on the street corner.  Rickshaw Bagworks has taken some of our post-consumer wastes and used them to accentuate this beautiful diaper bag.  Diaper bags are an ingenious invention as it stands and we all know that I like my diaper bags to add a little flare to my ensemble (a pretty diaper bag really brings out the black in my jogging pants LOL!) so this one tops my pile. The exterior of the bag is made from 100% recycled beverage bottles!  Really, what a great idea!  Not in the market for a new diaper bag? They have some great bags and wallets on their site.  Interested in the flavour of the week? Purchase at www.babybot.com