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Wean Team’s Life Coach & Personal Trainer

Stevie is a Life Coach, Personal Trainer and all around Whole Life enthusiast!  She scoffs in the face of societies ‘ideal body image’ and guides women through a journey that leaves them healthy, confident and jazzed about their lives!  Stevie’s love of leading others in fitness began while volunteering at her local YMCA teaching step classes.  This passion led to many certifications including one of her favorites- Stott Pilates and of course Personal Training Specialist.  The knowledge she has gained from CTI- Coaches Training Institute has inspired her as she continues the path to a fully certified Life Coach. Women both locally and long-distance have participated in Stevie’s ‘Body Bliss Coaching’ and those a little closer see her for some fitness face-time!  “I get to watch women as they quiet their inner mean girl, embrace a positive holistic lifestyle, all while shedding the padding that they feel is holding them back.  Seriously, for me it just doesn’t get any better than this.” Stevie believes that a holistic, healthy life includes decreasing toxins to our bodies and our environment.  If you peeked in her bag you would see a cube of protein powder, a cube of almonds and a cube of dates!  Always on the go with a great husband, three sweet girls and two crazy dogs, she spends her time living her dream life and building ideas to get people to theirs.