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Flavor of the Week- Olli and Lime Bedding

A little piece of awesomeness that we found in Las Vegas is this gorgeous crib/junior bedding line by Olli and Lime! We were lucky enough to be placed 2 booths down from the owners of Olli and Lime at the ABC Kids Expo! Our pregnant sales beauty had already put a bit of a bug in our ear in regards to this fabulous bedding so we had all been secretly stalking the company for months.  Poor chaps.  At least we represented the crazy Canadians well:) So our pregnant beauty walked away with everyone’ s favorite, the George bedding. One of the fabulous things about the George line is that it is unisex! The bedding is so gender neutral that my friend who scored this bedding set doesn’t even know if she is having a boy or girl but has a nursery planned that fits either! Gone are the days of pinks and blues! Jolly Good (right Andy)? Next up is this ‘cheeky’ collection of Charlie Bedding.  And yes, it is the same size as George, don’t you love how it goes from the crib to the bed?? The versatility of the bedding is one of its most endearing features (next to design). I love products that grow with your kids! Billie is just like George except Olli and Lime (or just their beautiful designer)  have found a way to make orange appealing! Yes, I have said it, I like the orange designs:) As any of you know, orange is not my favorite color, in fact it doesn’t even make the top 100 list BUT I am absolutely loving the Billie collection! For some reason the orange is working and it all works for me here! I am pretty sure it is the super soft materials that make it all work but nonetheless, I LOVE this orange! I know I said that the George was my favorite but now that I am looking at pictures again I think the Egg is my new favorite (with the exception of the George that will be in my newest niece/nephew’s crib). In fact, I am going to order this today for my GIRL! Yes, thats right folks, I am going to put BLUE bedding into my GIRL’S bedroom! Call me crazy (or cheeky depending on where you are calling me from). There are so many more absolutely awesome products that Olli and Lime have to offer! Check out their website to see what you are missing! http://www.olliandlime.com/usa/shop.html. If you really want to get into the shenanigans that took place in Las Vegas, check out  http://olliandlimeblog.com/. Trying to buy some Olli and Lime close to home? Check out www.babybot.com!! My list of Flavors has grown tremendously since the ABC Kids Expo last week in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to share over the next couple of months! Have a product that you think would be a great Flavor of the Week, contact me, melissa@weangreen.com!

Wean Cubes + Babybot = Love and Prizes!!

Hello Awesome!! Babybot is giving away an awesome prize pack to one lucky duck! The lucky winner will get to pick between this ultimate wean kit in pink or blue! Are you ready to enter the contest? You will have to go to Babybot’s facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Babybot/361080970450 to find out how to enter!! Good luck to everyone that enters!! I wish you could all win:) Along with the awesome prize you will also get this awesome gift box (that can be reused at least a million times!!!) I wish I could enter!!! Contest closes this Sunday so act fast!!

Babybot Mash Up! Stroller Event, Recipe & Flavor of the Week

Wean Green had a great weekend!! It is so hard being the woman behind the computer…insert an aawwwweee from the crowd. I get a bit lonely conversing with my computer on a daily basis so I was thrilled (and slightly surprised) when Babybot invited me to their first Stroller Test Drive event!! It is near my home and I think I have made it clear that Babybot has a spell over me and I LOVE everything about the company and online store.  So anyways, they invited me out to this cool event in a huge park in Calgary to help in a couple of areas. Lets break things down now so that it is a bit easier to follow my excited train of thought:) In the wee hours of the morning (or some people refer to it as 8:30 am) I drug my tired butt down to the park to get the party started.  Thankfully Starbucks donated A LOT of coffee so I was able to offer at least some assistance! After teaming up with my perky partner, Karen, the day began to look even brighter.  Karen and I were both baby carrier experts and had the pleasure of showing people how to throw their weaners around properly.  We attracted many, many babies and the lovely part was that we got to hold them while their mother’s got set up, the not so lovely part is that there were a couple of babies that cried (sorry baby Remy!) when our coffee was just not cutting it!  It was so fun to meet new and expectant parents and of course to show off my mad carrier skills.  Babybot is the first retailer in Canada to carrier the Gemini by Beco, a very hot commodity which I fell in love with very quickly! The picture below is the only proof I have that I was actually there. It fails however to show that I actually worked! Alright, follow along! After a couple of hours on carriers I was transported over to the other picnic table to do some baby food cooking demos.  Babybot has an awesome little machine that is called the Babycook (a previous flavor of the week).  I used the machine to show the awesome crowds how much easier it is to make baby food when you have one of these cute little contraptions.  My big line, “it takes me 45 minutes to bake apples in the oven and just over 10 in the Babycook”. I know that I am not the best sales lady but give me a little credit! This thing really sells itself.  After the food was cooked I poured it into a lovely little invention that we call WEAN CUBES! It was awesome, we made lunch for the babies in the crowd that weren’t quite ready for hot dogs.  While this all appeared to be a huge hit I have requested a slap chop for next year’s event to draw even larger crowds! I made a […]

Feelin’ the Love!!

Wow! As we get started and enter the market I am so astounded by the love and support we have received! This post places us beside some of the most fabulous green baby gifts on the market.  Check it out here: http://shopbabybot.blogspot.com/2010/07/green-gift-guide.html Thanks so much Babybot! You guys rock!

Flavor of the Week-Sleep Sack

My youngest weaner is a horrible sleeper!  I have a friend in the biz that told me about sleep sacks.  I thought it was ridiculous and not worth spending my pennies on, WAS I WRONG!! She let me test one out and the first night I tried it the weaner slept for like 12 hours.  She was so cozy inside her blanket that she barely moved all night (and yes, I am on of those mama’s that checks a million times if I don’t hear anything!) I love this Dwell Studio Owls Sleep Sack from Babybot.  The weaner is still using it and still sleeping.  I have one more sleep tip, stay tuned for next week’s flavor of the week!

Flavor of the Week- Leander Cribs!

Oh My Goodness! And oh wait…it turns into a real bed! I first had the pleasure of seeing this crib in person when I volunteered my time to snoop through some new inventory over at Babybot.  I instantly fell in love with the shape and color (walnut)! I know you are interested!  Even if I didn’t have any weaner’s I think I would just have this crib in my living room as a decoration.  It is that beautiful.  Check out the babybot Leander blog post: http://shopbabybot.blogspot.com/2010/03/leander-arrives.html

Welcome Babybot!

We have secured our very first retailer! Babybot will be carrying Wean Cubes in their AWESOME online store.  Welcome to the family Babybot! Babybot is my number one destination for awesome modern and beautiful products for weaners.  They offer everything from Leander cribs to Hip Hop potties.  If you are looking for a unique and trendy baby product (or a pack of Wean Cubes) check out babybot.com.