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Pre Oscar Adventure Part 2…Celebs & WG!

I don’t travel often. And I  leave my family even less. I had the opportunity to attend Jayneoni Moore’s Pre Oscar Gifting Suite in February and I couldn’t turn it down! After the fabulous time at the Golden Globes suite I decided that the marketing power of these events was worth travelling for (who are we kidding, I just wanted to go back to LA!) As some of you may noticed I have been auditioning for a spot on the Babybot team for over a year. Not only do I love this store to pieces the owners are amazing friends of mine so I thought maybe I could bring them down to LA with me. As you can imagine it wasn’t very hard to convince them to join me! Babybot’s owners are also designers so I thought I would take advantage of that and let them have full control over our shared booth design and take all the credit for it later.  I am still blown away by our booth! It was incredible and they only bossed me around until 2 in the morning the day I got to LA to set up;) At least I was good for something! After building walls and setting up displays and placing products our booth looked amazing! The event began on Friday morning and one of the first celebs to walk through the door was Martyn LeNoble, Christina Applegate’s fiancée and new baby daddy! It was great chatting with him and hearing about their new baby girl! With a great start to the event I was equally as pleased with every celeberty I had the opportunity of giving Wean Cubes to. Not only is Kelly Rutherford my favorite tv mama she is also now one of my favorite real life mamas! She had her absolutely adorable daughter, Helena in tow! Yes, that is the absolutely beautiful Antonio Sabato Jr. and his equally beautiful baby mama, Cheryl. Can’t wait to see this baby;) I knew Autumn Reeser from Entourage and her recent successful show, No Ordinary Family. Her and her husband Jesse are expecting their first baby and her glow was contagious! Sandwiched in between two absolutely beautiful women! Minnie Driver & Kathleen Robertson are both mamas to toddlers too! Karl Yune, from Memoirs of a Geisha joined the gifting suite with his extremely radiant wife. I can’t wait for his new movie, Real Steel to hit the big screen, it sounds awesome!! Stay tuned for more from the gifting suite….