Sweet, Sweet Salsa!

There’s something particularly amazing about noshing on salsa with fresh tortilla chips while relaxing at an outdoor table, especially in the summer. And possibly with a festive beverage. Are you with me? So what could possibly top this experience? How about making the salsa fruit and the chips cinnamon-flavored?

A few years ago, I was looking for an appetizer to bring to a potluck and I found a recipe for fruit salsa with cinnamon tortilla chips. This recipe gets rave reviews when I take it places. Kids love it (although it’s easier for the little guys to eat with a spoon). I appreciate it because, while it does have sugar in it, it’s a pretty healthy idea for a dessert, and a fun thing to do with fruit when just eating it seems a bit boring.

Additionally, I love recipes like this because it’s one you can hand to ten different people, and you’ll end up with ten different interpretations of the exact same directions. My tip: I am not a fan of super-chunky salsa, so I pulse all the fruit in my food processor, which lets me get much smaller pieces than I would get cutting it up by hand. Whip up a batch of your own and enjoy some sweet summertime salsa!

A Word From Christina:

Hi, I’m Christina Marie! I’m the at-home-mom to a daughter born in September of 2011. My family (including my husband and our two English Springer Spaniels) lives just outside of Arlington, VA.

I’m so excited to be part of the LitterLESS Lunch Team! While I’ll admit that I’ve got some less-than-environmentally friendly habits (paper towels, anyone?), my family and I try to be conscious of the easy ways we can help keep our planet healthy. One of those easy ways is avoiding disposable dishes and tableware—even with babies, toddlers, and children. My daughter has always used glass dishes and even as a toddler, she knows to be careful with them. (When she gets feisty at the table, she drops her cup and her silverware, but never her dishes.) LitterLESS Lunch helps show the multitude of glassware options available, the Team members will demonstrate the different types of people who use them and ways in which they’re used, and—even better—the LitterLESS Lunch Team helps provide tasty and healthy ideas about what to put in them.