Starting Solids – Dried Baby Food

I recently came to discover that along with the jars and pouches of baby food you can buy, you can also buy dried powder baby food. Since my baby is now past five months and will be starting solids soon, I decided to get some of the dried peas. My husband and I like to joke around with our baby, and tell her how she will soon be eating mashed peas, and how yummy they will be.

The idea is that you mix the powder with breast milk, water or formula. You can easily control how thick the baby food gets by adding more or less liquid. When your baby gets older, you can use the powder as an ingredient to sneak some vegetables into their food, such as by adding it as a pasta topping.

I opened a packet and decided to see how it worked. I divided it into two 2 oz Wean Green containers, and added two tablespoons of water to one of the containers. I mixed it and before I knew it, it was just like the jarred baby food. I decided to store the other dry half by sealing it in my other Wean Green container to use later. Overall I was impressed, and think it would be especially useful for travel.  I especially like that you have the option of adding breast milk or formula to it.

A Few Words About Katie:

My name is Katie P and I am the mother of a baby girl, who was born in January 2013. My husband and I are both vegetarians and have a passion for cooking with local and organic ingredients, using less toxic household products and reducing the amount of waste our household generates.
I am excited to join the LitterLESS lunch team because I enjoy cooking and preparing creative meals. My husband and I try to take our lunch to work most days. Being a new mother is exciting but also very time consuming, so I am always trying to find ways to create healthy and quick meals. Going forward I plan to make baby food for our daughter, as well as make meals the whole family can eat. I use my Wean Green containers to hold ingredients I will be cooking with, as well as for dinner left overs, snacks and lunches. I also plan to use them for purees and baby snacks.
I also have my own blog dedicated to becoming a new mother at