Riva’s Eco Store is FABULOUS!

GORGEOUS new location for a Calgary favorite! Riva’s Eco Store has found its way to a huge new location in the center of Inglewood.

My first encounter with Riva’s was a while back when I was searching for milk paint.  The staff was fabulous then and equally as  fabulous now! The new store has space to showcase ALL of their goods (including milk paints).  They have sorted the store into many sections including building, clothing, make up, house accessories, bedroom and a massive baby/kids section!

I walked in at a perfect time to see the ENTIRE team in action! The staff was helping customers in every section, I even watched their make up expert help a lovely lady make some eco friendly make up choices.

And of course a trip to Riva’s wouldn’t be complete without meeting Riva herself! Wow! Another amazing Calgary woman! We chatted about the benefits of glass and even touched on a rather controversial subject…microwaves:) It is clear to me what makes this store so great!

Welcome to the Wean Green Team Riva & Co.! We are excited to see your shelves stocked with Wean Cubes!!

If you are interested in joining Wean Green’s infamous list of retailers please contact us for more information!

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