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Sock Snowman
Course Craft
Course Craft
  1. Cut off the foot part of the sock (a few inches before the heel) Take the half with the heel and turn inside out. Tie the cut end very tight with thread and turn it back out.
  2. Pour the rice into the sock, the more rice you add, the more bumpy your snowman will be
  3. Shape to a body of a snowman and tie the tip with thread to close the body. Shape the head by tying a thread around the "neck" a few times.
  4. Cut a long piece of scrap fabric to make a scarf. Fold the foot part of the sock 2-3 times to make a cozy hat.
  5. Use super glue to stick buttons onto his belly. You can use pins to make a cute little face appear. Alternately you can sew black beads as the eyes.
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