Q & A With Melissa

Wean Green’s founder & CEO, Melissa Gunning, has been known for her extended work hours, long dance mom hours and master carpooling skills. As a former elementary school teacher she is often drawing us pictures and colour coding our file folders. ¬†With 2 kids in tow she has been trying to take over the world 1 Wean Cube at a time for nearly 5 years! Self proclaimed as the ‘funniest girl in the office’ things can get a little out of hand at WG Headquarters.

We are going to be having a live stream on Friday with Melissa and she will be open to answering any questions (yes, ANY) that you have for her.  Post your questions (embarrassing ones encouraged) in the comments section of this blog post and stay tuned on Friday at 11am PST to hear the answers!

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