Picky Eater Blues Possible Solution

I have had so many people ask me about picky eaters!!  Toddlers tend to hit this stage and the time length of the fussy stage normally depends on how we handle it.

I had an incredibly picky eater and here is how I handled it.  Every Sunday night we sit down and plan our weekly menu. We vote on our favorites and I only let them pick the same meal once a month.  We check off all the food groups and I get the groceries.  Every night we unite in the kitchen to tackle the task of making supper.  Even the one year old weaner is involved.  She stands on a chair and licks all the spoons that we give her 🙂

There are still the occasional nights when the weaners don’t like what was cooked up.  I have at least 3 left over meals stored in the freezer and they can pick something from there.  But really, sometimes they just aren’t hungry!!

I have also stumbled into Today I Ate a Rainbow’s advice on picky eating lately that I think is much more valuable than this post:)

Good luck, hope I helped get your kids to eat.  I know I didn’t help the madness in your kitchen at supper time!

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