Basil anyone?

I love the smell of basil. I mean I reeeaaallly love the smell of basil. Know what I love even more? The taste of basil, especially in pesto. Oh, YuM!

It’s easy peasy. Grow basil (or buy fresh from the store).


Grab ‘yer blender and get blendin’.

2 cups lightly packed basil

1 cup olive oil

1-2 cloves garlic

1 cup parmesan cheese


This time, since I was making it for a pizza sauce, I added lots of extra olive oil & parmesan cheese. YuM! If you’d rather use it for pasta, just drop your olive oil to around 2/3 cup and your parmesan cheese to around 1/2 cup.


A Word From Laura:

I’m excited to be joining the LitterLESS Lunch Team & sharing the YuMMY FuN you can have packing your creative lunch in your Wean Green containers. I love being a part of something that promotes HaPpY + Healthy eating and LitterLESS Lunches! Happy + Healthy Food = a Happy + Healthy YOU.