Peas, Carrots, Rice and Chemicals

Isn’t it great when you grow your own veggies cook up an amazing stir fry and find you have some left over for the next day?  Depending on what you store your leftovers in you may be adding some unwanted chemicals into that amazing (and once healthy) stir fry. BPA is probably the most unpopular chemical involuntarily added into our food from containers.  Read my other post on Canada’s BPA ban to learn a bit more about that.  Obviously Wean Green has done their homework on the importance of not storing food in plastics!  Although we only carry the one size of glass container I do encourage you and your family to use your plastic food containers to store non-food items and replace them with glass.  You can purchase glass containers almost anywhere you can purchase plastic ones!

A couple of things to look for when you are purchasing glass food containers:

–          Tempered glass- this ensures that you can reheat your leftovers without the glass exploding.  It also allows you to freeze the glass with no consequence

–          BPA free lids and silicone seals- your food will still come into some contact with the lids so ensure you are protected against this nasty chemical!

–          Microwave safe lids only mean that the lid will not melt in the microwave, this does not mean that if you place the lid in the microwave that it will not leach any chemicals into your food.  BPA is not the only chemical found in plastic! Don’t microwave the lid!

–          Glass is breakable, always read the warnings and care instructions with your containers.

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