Flavor of the Week-Baby DermaMed

Melissa, May 10, 2010

I live in such a dry climate!  I have an extremely difficult time keeping the weaner’s skin moisturized.  The oldest has huge problems with dry skin and her poor little hands crack and bleed! In her 8 years of life I have tried everything to help with this problem (even prescription creams). I am sooo happy to announce that I have finally found a cream that does the trick! One of my favorite things, besides that it works, is the smell!  It is one of those smells that you can only associate with one thing, and you love it! I also use their baby shampoo on the youngest’s melon.  I purchase mine at Amaranth Whole Foods Market. You can also go directly to their site DermaMed.com to check out all their products.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Melissa, May 9, 2010

An extra special day just for mamas!! What more could we ask for? We are starting off the day at the Mother’s Day Walk & Run with the rest of the family and braving the cold weather in honor of my Grandmother Lillian.  After that my amazing mother is going to volunteer her day working in a kitchen downtown.  Really, what do you get a mother this fantastic??  I am such a fortunate woman and could not even try to explain to you how amazing my mother is! Take a minute and give your mama a hug, let her know she is loved.  As mamas ourselves, we all know that sometimes it is just nice to be reminded that we are loved and appreciated. With all that said, I promise never to post anything remotely close to being this sucky and sentimental, I just really love my mama!

We All Do It

Melissa, May 5, 2010

“But I don’t make my own baby food,” says the mother who is mashing up a banana with her fork to feed to her 8 month old son.  I am shocked to hear how many parents tell me that they do not make their babies food.  Give yourselves some credit!  I see parents mashing up potatoes and cutting up the vegetables that the rest of the family is having with dinner to feed to their precious weaners.  We all do it!  Just because you don’t bake a sweet potato and then throw it in the blender does not mean that you are not contributing to your baby’s diet.  I understand the mom’s out there that don’t want to cook and puree their baby’s every meal, offering them jarred commercial baby food instead.  If you are one of these parents that believes that they don’t really make their babies food and finds yourself serving your baby healthy foods from your family dinner why not make a little extra when you are cooking for everyone in your family? You can always throw some in the fridge or freezer for future use, what do you think Wean Green is here for?  So for all you parents that don’t make all your baby’s food in the traditional sense give yourselves some recognition, you do make your own baby food.

Flavor of the Week- Leander Cribs!

Melissa, May 3, 2010

Oh My Goodness! And oh wait…it turns into a real bed! I first had the pleasure of seeing this crib in person when I volunteered my time to snoop through some new inventory over at Babybot.  I instantly fell in love with the shape and color (walnut)! I know you are interested!  Even if I didn’t have any weaner’s I think I would just have this crib in my living room as a decoration.  It is that beautiful.  Check out the babybot Leander blog post: http://shopbabybot.blogspot.com/2010/03/leander-arrives.html

Welcome Babybot!

Melissa, May 1, 2010

We have secured our very first retailer! Babybot will be carrying Wean Cubes in their AWESOME online store.  Welcome to the family Babybot! Babybot is my number one destination for awesome modern and beautiful products for weaners.  They offer everything from Leander cribs to Hip Hop potties.  If you are looking for a unique and trendy baby product (or a pack of Wean Cubes) check out babybot.com.

Flavor of the Week- Philips Avent Digital Steam Sterilizer

Melissa, April 26, 2010

How many times have you put the water on to boil and forgotten about the whole process?  Me, come on now (cough, avert eyes) I would never (Daily!!) forget I was sterilizing bottles on the stove and have a nap!  If you are using bottles, it probably means you have a baby at home, if you have a baby at home it probably means you are indescribably exhausted! Philips Avent has a GREAT sterilizer that I highly recommend.  You can fit up to six of the big (9oz) bottles in at one time and the kicker is that it only takes 6 minutes to complete the process! That is right folks, 6 minutes.  Who cares if you forget about this, the bottles will stay sterile in there as long as you want to leave them. If there was one product I couldn’t live without during this crazy period in my weaner’s young life it was this one.  I even brought it to Mexico! Here is the site with the full product information: http://www.consumer.philips.com/c/avent-baby-preparing-for-feeding/110v-scf276_33/prd/us/ I had an extremely difficult time finding one of these to purchase in Canada. Luckily for all you new mamas in need, Toys “R” Us has recently started carrying them: http://www.toysrus.ca/product/index.jsp?productId=3349708&isProductCrossSell=true

More Pre-Order Info

Melissa, April 23, 2010

We are all so excited to have the site launched! I love, love, LOVE the feedback we are receiving, keep it coming!  Our shopping cart is still in the works so we are taking pre-orders through email: preorder@weangreen.com or contact us tab on the site. Why pre-order? We have ordered a LOT of containers but they will not all be here until mid-late June.  We are getting a smaller special shipment at the end of May and all pre-orders will be shipped then.  We have not started our marketing campaign yet, we would just like to ensure our friends and family (and any of you extras that have fallen upon the site) get the goods first! We want to ensure that we have everything (including merchant account) running smoothly before we send our info out to the rest of the world! Ready to learn more and pre-order? Give us a shout and we will hook you up! Check out our awesome new site www.weangreen.com! Huge thanks to Medium Rare for all their work on the site (and packaging, business cards, printed materials, helping keep my sanity, and everything else they have done for Wean Green)

Wean Cubes Pre-Order

Mrare, April 23, 2010

We’re really excited to announce that Wean Cubes have finished being manufactured and are almost here. For details regarding our pre-order please contact us at preorder@weangreen.com It has been a late night launching our new web site, but in the morning I will update this post with photos, also found on our flickr page, and more information. Thanks, Team Wean Green

Join the Wean Green & Co. CIBC Run for the Cure Team

Melissa, April 20, 2010

Team Wean Green is at it again!  This year we are hoping you will join our team (we are also hoping it doesn’t snow nearly as much as it did last year :).  Anyone can join our Calgary run.  If you are not in Calgary and think you can get 10 or more people together in your city let me know and I will send you the Team Wean Green & Co. running package. Check out our post from last year: Team Wean Green Runs for the Cure Ready to join? Go to this link: http://cbcf.convio.net/site/TR?sid=1000&type=fr_informational&pg=informational&fr_id=1109 Click: Join a Team Enter Team Name: Wean Green (this will bring up a link below for our team, captain Melissa Gunning) Once you see the team there is a pink JOIN link on the right. Go there! Follow the steps from there and you will be part of the team! I will pick up the team package as well as distribute our very own Wean Green & Co. goodie bag on the morning of the run. Stay tuned for our meeting place!

Flavor of the Week- Clek & Olli Booster Seats

Melissa, April 19, 2010

Style + Safety = 1 cool mama. I am one of those parents that loves when a big person brand makes its way down to the weaner’s world!  Not only do I love Small Paul but I also love, love, love the LATCH system that locks the seat in place (just like the youngest weaner’s car seat).  I have always kind of wondered why the booster seats don’t have this locking system to add a bit of safety.  When we are in the car the oldest weaner could slide her old booster seat side to side even when her seatbelt was on. Along with the Paul Frank options there are some beautiful solid colors as well.  I purchased mine from www.babybot.com

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