A day in the life…

Melissa, March 28, 2012

I know many people have wondered what it looks like to live the life of a Wean Cube. We are so excited to announce that you can now follow the fabulous life of a Wean Cube on twitter, thanks so much to Ellen the Wean Cube for allowing us to take a little look in her fabulous life.

Picky Eaters (part 2)

Melissa, March 14, 2012

Picky Eaters Part 2 Some of my past blogs about getting your kids involved in cooking, and “letting go” of how much they eat will help prevent raising a picky eater. If you have tried these ideas, and are still struggling, you can choose a few of these tips to work on. And remember that like most things related to children, picky eating is usually just a phase. It often peaks around age three, and your little one should become more adventurous as they grow older. –       Serve snacks with plenty of time prior to meals (1 to 2 hours) to encourage appetite at meals.  Set meal and snack times tend to work better for most children. –       Children may be more likely to eat a new food when they are hungry. Offer the new or rejected food at the beginning of a meal, or during the meal/snack that your child usually eats the best. –       Avoid milk and juice in between meals and snacks, as this can reduce appetite. Offer water instead. –       Sometimes a child will need to see a new food up to 20 times before he/she will accept it! Encourage your infant or toddler to try the new food, but respect their decision to like or dislike the food. We all have foods we dislike, even as adults. Children’s tastes change, so offer the rejected food again at another time. –       Try offering a new food with familiar foods, so your child will have something to eat. –       Do not “cater” to your child and cook them a different meal from your family. –       Offer a rejected food cooked a different way or cut into different & fun shapes. –       Your child may be more likely to try the new food when family members or other children are eating the food. –       Offer small portions of food, as large servings can be intimidating. Your child can have seconds if they are still hungry. –       Allow your child to have their food for a reasonable length of time (20 to 30 minutes). After which time remove the food without making a fuss. –       Relax! It will make meal time easier for everyone.

Slice it, Seal it, Save it!

Melissa, February 29, 2012

Ever cut a half an avocado, tomato onion etc, and wonder what to do with the other half. How do you store it? Hopefully not in a plastic container or ziploc bag? I love to use all different sizes of wean green containers to store and seal anything from avocados, tomatoes, cucumbers to sliced fruit like apples and pears etc. They are airtight so things will stay fresher longer. You also don’t need to worry about things getting squashed or squished at the back of your fridge because it will be safe in a glass container. There is often a lot of wastage with fruit and vegetables stored improperly because once damaged, no one wants to eat a bruised tomato, brown apple or spotty avocado. Using sealed glass containers can not only help to prevent wastage but also can promote maximizing using every inch of whole fruits and vegetables. Now don’t think you can leave them too long in the container, everything fresh has a shelf life!  

Wean Green’s Martha Party!

Melissa, February 22, 2012

THE PARTY~ In true WG fashion we decided to party to celebrate our big tv debut. Thanks so much to the Holy Grill for hosting the party and making it such a huge success! BEST FOOD EVER! Check out the Martha Show footage HERE.

Martha Stewart Baby Shower Show!

Melissa, February 22, 2012

Woooohooooo! As a new & small company we were more than elated to find out that The Baby Guy NYC was going to be presenting Wean Cubes on THE MARTHA STEWART SHOW! It was so hard to keep this a secret and now we are free to share with the world (as well as the studio audience who all received Wean Cubes!). HUGE thank you to both The Baby Guy NYC & Martha Stewart! Read about the Wean Green Martha Party!   


Melissa, February 22, 2012

Watch the Baby Guy NYC present Wean Cubes on Martha Stewart Show HERE! Thank you so much for your support & votes! It means the world! ~Melissa

Picky Eaters (part 1)

Melissa, February 8, 2012

Feeding struggles are common between parents and children of all ages. It is understandable that as a parent, you are concerned if your baby refuses eat meals, or never wants to try a new food. As a parent, you act as an important role model for your child when it comes to eating. It is important to enjoy healthy foods with your children, to encourage healthy eating for life. But attempting to exert too much control, such as forcing your child to eat, can negatively affect their eating practices throughout their life. It can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food, not listening to hunger/satiety signals and potentially overweight and obesity issues as an adult. The biggest hurdle that I see for parents to get over is trying to control how much their child eats. And this is often a cause of picky eaters. We just want to control our kids. Including how much they eat. WHY can’t we control our kids?! And what happens when we try our darndest to get this control? Power struggles & fight back. How do you feel when someone tells you that you need to do something? It probably gives you even less motivation do that that exact thing. Regardless of if we think our child is eating too much or not enough, we really need to let it go. This is taking a leap of faith, but trust that your child will eat the amount he/she needs. The vast majority of children are good at this – if you are concerned or your child is not growing well, check with your doctor. So offer a variety of healthy foods, at the family table, during regular snack and meal times. If your child doesn’t want to eat, fine. If they want more, fine too! Why do we need to let this go? Not only will it decrease stress of everyone around the table, but it will help your child to grow up having a healthy relationship with food. The problem with forcing children to eat is that they aren’t able to listen to their appetite and will have negative views of some foods. And this will carry with them throughout adulthood. For example, who was forced to clean their plates as a child, and now still clears their plate regardless of satiety? Continue to offer them (no pressure!) again and again, and be a good role model by eating a balanced diet yourself.

Weantailer Spotlight- Monkey Bars

Melissa, February 1, 2012

Since being in the ‘biz we have noticed what a huge difference a little spunk makes. Monkey Bars is our #1 example of this little business tip. Wicked owner + funky business = Monkey Bars in Alameda California! Here is our Q&A with Heather, the owner of Monkey Bars 1. What is your favorite kitchen accessory (besides Wean Green)? Hands down, I’m going with The Immersion Blender. I use mine all the time. Sauces, veggie purees, soups, you name it. Great for baby food too, and because we’ll be revisiting that stage in less than a year now, I’m keeping it handy for my homemade baby food (which then gets promptly popped into some wean cubes – naturally) 2. What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning? Well lately, it’s been my uncontrollable urge to pee, but before this pregnancy I’d have to say it’s the thought that I truly love what I do, and no matter what I look like each morning (or if I’ve even showered) I get to go to “work” and help people all day. This is really a tough one though, because we all have our crap days & if I didn’t have to pee or I wasn’t starving for breakfast, getting going in the morning can suck! My 6-y-o has become very adept at making his own breakfast, thus easing the pre school craziness. He knows how to use a toaster oven, and he’s got his own set of kid-friendly butter knives. That dude makes a mean PB&J. 3. If you weren’t doing what you’re doing, what would you like to do instead? Ironically, this is in the works. I love food. Eating it, cooking it, sharing it with friends and family. Cooking honestly relieves my stress at the end of the day. I’ve launched (well almost launched) my long awaited food blog! If I had my way though, I’d have a cooking show. It would be a cross between Anthony Bourdain’s “No Reservations” & Kathy Griffin’s “My Life on the D List”… Stay tuned 🙂 4. What is your favorite Wean Green size and why? I’m personally a pretty big fan of the Lunch Cubes. I think the first question I asked Melissa when we met was “ooo! do they come bigger?”… Again, I prefer these for grown-up/bigger kid stuff. When it comes to making baby food however, the 4 pack of cubes is the way to go. I’ve also managed to use these guys for my daily stashes of salad dressing & my at-work stash of prenatal vitamins. 5. Why do you sell glass? I’ve been a fan of glass since I can remember. I was raised in the microwave era, and even as a 7-y-o latchkey child, I knew something was wrong with putting plastic in the microwave. Now with glass, I rarely worry about temperature changes or staining. This is especially awesome for someone who hates doing dishes. Glass is so easy to clean! Plus, there’s the whole […]

Litterless Valentine’s Day

Melissa, February 1, 2012

Lovin’ the Earth a little more this  February! Some ideas on using Wean Green to give a littlerless Valentine’s day. Additional Tips for a Litterless Valentine’s Day:  1. Instead of making paper cards make edible cards! Add the name to the cookie and place it in a cube. There are some great organic cookie recipes out there! 2. No gift wrap. We don’t want to sound like a broken record but don’t wrap a gift with the traditional wasteful pile of paper, try something creative like using a personalized t-shirt to wrap up a yoga mat….hint hint Kevin… 3. Support Local Businesses! Show some love for the peeps in your hood. 4. Rethink your Presents. Another holiday that has gone down the drain to consumerism;( Rethink the presents you buy and give. Try replacing perfume with some nice organic bath soaps, replace the regular chocolates with some organics (or even make them yourself…Dana-where is the recipe?). What are your tips to add a little more Earth Lovin’ for this V-Day? Love, Melissa

5 Fun Ways with Food!

Melissa, January 31, 2012

One of the biggest issues parents seek advice for is enticing their children to eat. First and foremost, keep in mind your child knows when they are hungry and when they are not, and they have days, just like we adults do, when they eat lots and other days when they don’t eat so much. Food often becomes a battle between parents and children and I challenge parents to not let that happen – it only creates a power struggle which is no fun for anyone. Food should be something which is enjoyable and fun, and from my perspective support growth and development, as well as promote health and well being in our children. So how do you make the change – easy, make a deal with yourself to not say anything. Serve the food you have prepared, sit down to dinner and enjoy it. Make conversation, ask about your child’s day, eat your dinner, but don’t say anything about the food. Let you child decide what to eat and how much to eat. I know it won’t be easy, but just try it, see what happens… You can make this process a little easier and much more enjoyable by having fun with your meals as well. Here are five ways to make food fun for you and your family: Silly Faces and Funny Names Make silly faces out of your child’s meal, spell their name with spaghetti noodles, come up with funny names for food —- do whatever it takes to make the meal fun and take the emphasis off of eating. Use Wooden Skewers These are not just for barbecuing; why not use them to serve dinner any night. You can load up a skewer with your child’s favourite raw veggies, serve with some dip and voila – lots of fun. Serve up fruit kabobs for an afternoon snack or load up a skewer with bite sized chunks of steamed veggies and serve alongside the main dish. It is simple, but effective and the kids will love it! Change up Meal Time Does your child love pancakes? Why not serve up pancakes for dinner; served with a fruit kabob I bet it would go over very well. If sandwiches are a hit with your child – serve it up for dinner with a bowl of soup…perfect match. Think outside the box and take a risk, it just might pay off. Serve Yourself Night Instead of always plating your children’s meals; set up a serve yourself night. Put all the food on the table and let everyone decide what they will put on their plate. You will be surprised to see what they choose to eat when they have the control. It is fun for your child to be in control and making the decision about what to eat. Don’t Eat at the Table Yes eating together at the table is important; yes it has many, many benefits for both you and your children, but once in a while […]

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