Wean Idea-Soap Storage

Melissa, August 21, 2012

An awesome spot to hold all of your soaps!

Eco Friendly School Supplies

Melissa, August 15, 2012

The most eco friendly school supplies you can send your child to school with this year? Their school supplies from last year! If they have completely destroyed that opportunity (as mine have) make sure you are aware of what evil chemicals can lurk in the school supplies you send. Here are some awesome back 2 school school supplies that don’t involve chopping down the rainforest or bathing the class in nasty toxins. Top Ten ‘Must Haves’ for an Eco Friendly School Year: [SlideDeck id=’2353′ width=’100%’ height=’300px’] CONTEST ALERT: This fun contest will help us all head to school with safe school supplies this year! At the bottom of this blog post share your suggestions/stories on how you go (or went or are going to go) green for school. For every 100 comments we have we will choose a winner! Each winner will be given $100 gift certificate to  http://www.ethicalocean.com/. We will also donate a Wean Green Set to that person’s school charity of choice. 1000 comments = 100 winners! Contest closes on August 31.

Wean Idea-Serve Food

Melissa, August 14, 2012

Serve out of Wean Green’s containers for a chic party look!

Wean Idea-Playdough Storage

Melissa, August 7, 2012

Keep your playdough soft and pliable by storing it in Wean Cubes. Check out this EASY recipe on the blog. Wean Green’s Modelling Dough Recipe

Wean Idea-Building Blocks

Melissa, July 24, 2012

Thanks Sarah for sharing this picture of your cutie building blocks!

Wean Idea-Homemade Truffles

Melissa, July 17, 2012

A great gift for a friend…or just an easy way to keep YOUR truffles fresh;)

Wean Idea-Pet Treats!

Melissa, July 10, 2012

Save your favorite stilettos! Store some fresh, organic treats for your pooch!

Wean Idea-Business Card Holder

Melissa, July 3, 2012

Check out The Baby Guy NYC’s business cards after a tradeshow! Betcha he has good follow up skills!    

Wean Green Smack DOWN!

Melissa, July 2, 2012

Here is a little showing off. These are a few of our favorite smack down tests. This one was aired live on ABC 7 Chicago news! Our awesome Canadian Distributor, Soko, drops a container on the ground and loves the reaction;) These took a beating in the OhDeeDoh Test Lab. Check out the results here. And lastly, here is what we REALLY do on our work trips;)

Weantailer Spotlight-Sprout San Francisco

Melissa, July 1, 2012

Whether your in San Francisco, Chicago, New York City or on your computer you will have the opportunity to check out this amazing eco-friendly selection of baby products! Our top 10 reasons for this very public love fest. 5. Their founder, Suzanne, GETS IT!! This awesome mama has been invested in organic living for years and is now helping us mamas get to the bottom of providing our kids with the best! Read about her here. 4. Get a quick education online! Sprout San Francisco has plenty of info broken down into quick 101 classes on the topics that are relevant to you! With plenty Healthy Baby Guides including Bottles & Food Storage you will find it easy to make educated purchases. 3. Their EVENTS rock! Every time I have popped by to visit a Sprout San Francisco store I always hear giggling weaners in the back with smiling mamas. I love the entire store atmosphere that this creates! It is not a store that you simply go to for a baby present, it is a community of mothers that care! LOVE. 2. I don’t know how Sprout San Francisco does it BUT their staff is AMAZING! I would love to go to one of their staff parties;) We have yet to meet a staff member that isn’t wearing an ear to ear grin all day! 1. They believe in TAKING ACTION to protect our precious weaners! Check out their site to see what matters most to them and how YOU can help make a difference.  

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