Lunch Time Quinoa, Roasted Red Pepper, Rice and Chicken

We wanted a filling meal and decided to make our own creation – start by making quinoa (which is a grain that’s PACKED with lots of great protein and fiber!) and a little rice and then add some chicken and roasted red pepper. Yum!!! We were able to put a good amount in our wean green container 😉

A Few Words About Dave And Emily:

Dave is a technology buff. He has been using computers since he was 5 and is known to his friends as the go-to-guy when they have tech questions. He has reviewed both software and hardware, mac peripherals and various tech-related items for multiple magazines and newspapers. He spends a lot of his time researching the latest tech gadgets and always has something to say. He loves a good deal. Since he was a child he always has enjoyed watching cooking shows and making various creations in the kitchen.

Emily is ecstatic to be a new mom. She is loving every minute of it and can’t get enough of her new bundle of joy. In between changing diapers, feedings and laundry, she likes to scope out the best bargains, spend time with her extended family and help out new and expectant moms by giving advice out. She is a school teacher and works with students with special needs and just received her advanced degree in assistive technology.