Jewelry Organization


There never seems to be a jewelry box that can fit everything just the way we want.  We have found that Wean Green containers make the perfect storage solution for all types of jewelry.  The best part is that when you need to take jewelry on the go you can clip the lid on the container and take it with you!  Here are a couple uses for Wean Green that we use for different types of jewelry:

Earrings & Rings:  Wean Cubes make the container for earrings and rings.  If you have some fancy earrings or rings, you can put them in a separate Wean Cube with a different coloured lid  so they are easier to find.

Bracelets:  Wean Bowls are the perfect size for storing bracelets.  The bracelets can be stacked on top of one another in the Wean Bowls.  Since the containers are glass, you will easily be able to find the bracelet you are looking for.

Necklaces:  Meal Bowls allow you to lay your necklaces inside without having to worry about them getting tangled.  Even necklaces with large pendants can be stored inside the containers in an organized and easy to find fashion.

Once you have all your jewelry organized in Wean Green containers you can stack them so that they do not become cluttered.  The container lids can also be colour coded to match styles of different rooms!