Homemade (by someone else) Baby Food!

Alright, it may surprise you (unless you know me) that I didn’t make ALL my weaner’s food myself!  Some times there are just days when you are done, you are out of baby food, sleep, patience and ingredients and you just need a little help.  Often times you can get help without going straight to a traditional commercial baby food jar! I found our local baby food chef at our farmer’s market.  I think I purchased every last meal she had on her table! The name you ask? Baby Gourmet! Lifesaver.  So I am hoping to help you other super mamas who feel like taking a break from cooking in the kitchen to head on over to some lovely ladies that will just make it for you.  I have added as many links as I could find, if you have more please add to the comments section, we would love to help you save super mamas! P.S- I wish I could tell you I have tried them all but I have only purchased from Baby Gourmet.



Eastern Canada

Sweet Pea Baby Food Ontario

Bobo Baby Throughout Western Canada, TX, DE, NU, PA

United States:

New York City



Washington & California

California, Arizona, Nevada, Hawaii


New York Area

Tasty Baby California, Maryland, New York

Yummy in my Tummy Florida

GustOrganics New York City

Happy Baby Food U.S

Maddy’s Organic Meals Chicago and area

Petite Palate New York & Connecticut

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