Not So Scary Halloween Treats

Halloween has snuck up on me this year!  Normally I try to not give out individually wrapped, sugar filled candy.  As a teacher I have stuck to fun pencils.  This year I decided to look for something different.  I would still like to give something that is environmentally friendly and is a useful item for kids.

My favourite treat from the good ol’ days was the homemade popcorn balls!  Unfortunately, some smucks ruined the homemade treat trend by contaminating it with bad stuff.  Not being able to create your own treats is a bummer but I have found some good options.

You can consider buying some organic candy for the trick or treaters. I found some lollipops at our local organic grocer.  If you are in an area that does not offer organic candy I found a great site online that has some really cute Halloween lollipops

If it’s not broke…  I found these absolutely perfect pencils from O’BON.  They are made out of recycled paper which means no trees were harmed just to make these pencils! They have stunning, non toxic animal prints on each pencil.  Check them out at:

I had a great neighbour as a kid that would give my sister and me each $20.  We were so excited!  It is not in my budget to hand out a wad of cash to each child that comes to my door but I can definitely give them some change.  Why not give out a penny, nickel, dime or quarter?  $$ has more uses than any treat you can come up with!

Happy Halloween and Safe Trick or Treating!

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  1. October 17, 2011

    Those are some good ideas! Last year I gave out card games. I found them at Costco. My kids still have them and enjoy them. As for the sugary treats, there are plenty of places to donate them to. A lot of dentist offices will exchange treats for money, or you can donate them to troops overseas. That way your kids can enjoy trick or treating and they can also enjoy giving up something good (the candy) for something better (money or the satisfaction of helping the troops).